August, 2008

  • Steve Clayton

    IE8 Beta 2 released



    I suspect this will be top of Techmeme by the time you read this and the comparisons with Firefox 3 will begin. I’ve had mixed fortunes with IE8 beta 1 myself since MIX08 so I’m downloading Beta 2 right now to see how it fares on my machine.

    Download now in English, German, Japanese and Chinese (simplified) and get the full deets on the IE blog of course.

    [update] installed and pretty impressed so far. Lots of new toys to look at – check out A Comprehensive Look at Internet Explorer Beta 2 for an excellent run down.

  • Steve Clayton

    Running Vista? Get Windows Search 4.0


    If you’re using Vista, make sure you installed Windows Search 4.0 – trust me, it’s worth it. I suspect some folks may have been unsure whether to install this as they weren’t sure if it was Windows Desktop Search or an update to the search technology in Vista (I was confused for a while). The answer is, if you’re running Vista you should download this and you’ll have our fastest, bestest search technology on your PC.

    I know this isn’t new news but I just though it was worth repeating :)

  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft’s next Mojave act



    The much discussed Mojave Experiment site got an update today with a features demo, additional videos and an FAQ. Despite the accusation that it makes customers appear dumb I think it does address a common situation I find – namely that people are forming views about Vista based on hearsay. This is the key for me. Head on over to the Windows Vista team blog to hear from David Webster – the man behind the idea or of course check out

    Oh and finally the site gets the Silverlight treatment :)

  • Steve Clayton

    Great Ads #15


    For soooo many reasons I love this advert. Hat tip to my big bro for this one

  • Steve Clayton

    Will changes to Google's food perks impact productivity?



    I read the ValleyWag post regarding Google's food perks on the chopping block last week and was surprised one obvious angle didn’t come up – as the workforce has less reason to stay and work late, does productivity go down? Same goes for Microsoft where I’ve seen less people stay late as the workforce gets older – or maybe this is the more subtle onset of home working given the provision of free wifi/broadband at home. It’d make an interesting social study.

    I honestly don’t know how late food is served at Google and whether this even contributes to encouraging people to work late so interested in any views.


    I just checked back on the post and DirigibleDiva had the same thought and the comments in general make for interesting reading.

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