August, 2008

  • Steve Clayton

    Tale of the athletic tape



    [Beach volleyball champion Kerri Walsh wearing a new type of athletic tape. (Natacha Pisarenko/The Associated Press]

    A bit off topic this one but ever since I read Lance Armstrong’s book, Every Second Counts, I wondered about the magic pink tape of which he spoke. Well it seems that tape is Kinesio’s product and during the Beijing Olympics it’s been seen out and about – in more colours than pink. The shot above is Kerri Walsh from the US Beach Volleyball team sporting the black version of the tape.

    I spotted this through the New York times post titled A Quirky Athletic Tape Gets Its Olympic Moment. So what’s special about this stuff? Well it’s modelled on real skin with respect to thickness and elasticity so it’s a step beyond your regular Band Aid I guess. Here is what John Jarvis, director of Kinesio said about it


    “This tape moves with the body, so the biomechanics are still there,'’


    I can’t resist checking this stuff out so my next trip to the US will involve grabbing a roll or two. I’ll let you know how it affects my athletic performances of walking to the fridge for a cold Guinness and back :)


    Meantime, the PR buzz for these guys in incredible – pre Beijing Kinesio was getting about 600 views per day and since Ms. Walsh donned the tape, they’re getting….wait for it…..345,000 views daily. Nice.

  • Steve Clayton

    Datacenter Cakes


    Big news in Iowa – as Dave says, these events usually involve a shovel and hard hats but these information factories are becoming big news because of the scale and the new arms race that is underway. He noted a nugget from DataCenterKnowledge regarding the economic benefits of Google vs. Microsoft. Iowa is the new test area.


    Many state and local governments have passed tax incentives to attract a Google data center, hoping it will convert struggling regions into high-tech hubs. It's part of a trend in which more economic development agencies are pursuing data center projects. There's no question that favorable environments can create data center clusters, a trend seen in many technology corridors. But here's the secret: If you're focused on developing a data center cluster in your area, you should be chasing Microsoft, not Google.



  • Steve Clayton

    How intrapreneurs can change the world



    I’ve been called lots of things (most unrepeatable here) but this week I was called an intrapreneur by Management Today. If I’m honest I hate the word but do agree with the sentiments behind it. The result was an interview with MT and a piece by Paul Slinger titled How intrapreneurs can change the world. Hmmm, sounds familiar.


    ‘Most people here tend do their own job and then 30% of another job – which is quite often just stuff they’re interested in,’ he (Clayton) says.


    Yup…mine happens to be blogging :)

  • Steve Clayton goes mobile with Google Gears


    I’ve got to take my hat off to Google and Lastminute for the use of Gears and location awareness to make a fantastically useful site. I just tested on my HTC S620 (which doesn’t have GPS) and it located me in Chiswick through cell ID and showed me local restaurants. I can’t wait to test this in NYC in a few weeks.

    Very very cool – thanks to Paul Walsh for the link via Twitter

    More info at the Google Mobile Blog and like on of their readers, I was a little surprised to see this on Windows Mobile before iPhone.

  • Steve Clayton

    Vectorform playing with Microsoft Surface



    My friend Alison at Vectorform just pinged me an email to tell me about the cool work they’ve been doing with Microsoft Surface.

    As their Surface site mentions, other companies are unboxing their units this week but Vectorform has been pretty busy and they have a tonne of cool stuff to show you on their site. Their Flickr app looks particularly cool.

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