August, 2008

  • Steve Clayton

    Office Labs Releases Speed Launch


    Speed Launch is an application launcher that extends the functionality and usability of Windows by giving users quick access to the documents, files, and websites they use most often. Off to check it out as I think it could be very useful for web pages I user over and over as well as applications. Check out the video to see how it works.

  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft OfficeLabs releases pptPlex


    Video: An Overview of pptPlex

    Wow the OfficeLabs guys are on a good run of late. Hot on the heels of SpeedLaunch they released pptPlex today.

    Taking inspiration from the Plex technology used in the Bill Gates’s TouchWall demonstration at the CEO Summit, OfficeLabs have created a prototype that allows people to have similar zooming capabilities using Office PowerPoint 2007. With pptPlex you can show slides on a zoomable canvas moving around the canvas to show groups of slides, individual slides, or zoom in to display a particular section of a slide. Cool….off to play!


    [update] WOW!!!!!!!!! I played and I LOVE IT – this is the biggest PowerPoint revolution in a long time.

  • Steve Clayton

    FREE: Edison PC Power Management Software




    Microsoft, Climate Savers Computing Initiative and Verdiem have made available Edison as a free download. It’s a PC Power Management utility to help people have an even greener PC experience as reported today in the NY Times.

    I’m off to check it out and will report back

  • Steve Clayton

    Unsolicited Feedback is a beautiful thing


    This morning in my inbox I got an unsolicited email form a fellow Microsoft employee – here’s what they said


    Hi Steve,

    We have never met, but I just wanted to drop a quick note and thank for investing time in your blog. I am an avid reader and a grateful fan



    Beautiful. It got my day off to a great start and as I walked down to jump on the train this morning I thought to myself that this is something I should do more often. Just send someone a simple mail telling them what I think they do that’s great. Simple, quick, easy and powerful.

    Imagine getting an email like that first thing in the morning. Maybe you could send on too?

  • Steve Clayton

    Free Book: Blue Planet Run


    You may have heard of this book – I hadn’t and was surprised to see if being given away for free on Amazon. Why would you give away a good book for free? That becomes obvious when you check out the PDF and realise that the book itself is the only way you’re really going to see the magnificent photos.

    The free PDF not only a great read, it’s smart marketing.

    Get your free copy of Blue Planet Run: The Race to Provide Safe Drinking Water to the World

    I was drawn in by a free book and the tactic got me – now I’m off to learn about water!


    [update] – poor form on my part, I should have credited Scoble for being the source of the link. I’ve been catching up on his renewed interest in Google Reader Shared items (aka linkblog) and you should too! That will teach me to post late and night and not check back on sources. Note to self, use Windows Live Writer’s “blog this” button more as that helps make sure you’re source is included.


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