October, 2008

  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft knows how to build data centers



    Damn. I got invited to the recent Data Center Experience event we hosted in our San Antonio data center last week but couldn’t make it. It sounds like I should have moved heaven and earth to go.

    The subject line of this post is from one of the attendees and here are a few other choice quotes I picked up via the Green Data Center Blog.


    • Microsoft has the most intelligent Data Center engineering organization I have ever seen
    • Microsoft has an impressive list of certifications for their facilities, something you NEVER hear from anyone else advertising software as a service or operational accountability
    • If Microsoft ever does this again - This is a MUST ATTEND event.
    • In my opinion, Microsoft did more for Data Center end-users and the Data Center Community than a hundred conferences
    • one of the best events around data centers and definitely the best Microsoft event I have ever attended


    Impressive stuff. hats off to Manos, Stacey, Monica and all the folks I know over in GFS. You’re the magicians behind the curtain.

  • Steve Clayton

    Amazon EC2: Now with Windows



    Amazon EC2 With Windows – I sort of knew this was coming and now it’s announced. This should make their booth at the PDC very interesting.

    From their blog post


    The product is currently in a private beta and is scheduled for public release before the end of 2008

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