October, 2008

  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft Office – now in a browser



    We just announced here at PDC our Office Web Applications – yep, Office is coming to the browser. I’ll write more on this later but one thing I’ll say up front is this is a very capable version of Office. Much more so than Google Docs IMHO and yes, they will work in IE, Firefox and Safari for creation and editing of Word, PowerPoint and Excel and OneNote.

    Some early coverage from Richard MacManus at ReadWriteWeb who have been discussing this topic for quite some time.

    Game on.

  • Steve Clayton

    A force of nature


    I spent some time with this guy today. Some of you did too....what did you think?

  • Steve Clayton

    iPhone is Cloud Computing



    Yep, we’ve been saying the iPhone is a great example of cloud computing – or more accurately Software plus Services – for a while. I’ve said this at a few recent conferences and it always get’s a raised eyebrow when I put an iPhone in my presentation but it gets the message across. The combination of Internet connected devices and Internet delivered services is the direction the industry is headed.

    To quote Steve Jobs form the All Things D conference:

    “I think the marriage of some really great client apps with some really great cloud services is incredibly powerful and right now, can be way more powerful than just having a browser on the client”

    How the iPhone is Cloud Computing's Killer App conveniently forgets that the original premise of the iPhone was to deliver apps through the browser in a SaaS fashion but now embraces rich clients. It also sort of suggests that the iPhone connecting to Exchange over the air is a big new thing when Windows Mobile has been doing this for years.

    The point still stands though – the iPhone is a great cloud connected device that demonstrates the power of (rich client) Software combined with (Internet delivered) Services

  • Steve Clayton

    If I Ever Started a Start-Up…



    …I’d probably take this advice from Guy Kawasaki (Plan B). Makes a lot of sense but surprising how many choose plan A. I liked this in particular:


    Step 2: Rather than trying to boil the ocean (”the mobile sector”), you boil a tea kettle. Rather than paying to attend high-end conferences, you hang out in the lobbies of the hotels where the events are and meet the same people for free. Rather than hiring a PR firm, you suck up to bloggers and hope they cover your product. Rather than buying booth space, you get on Twitter and use it to gain a reputation for your product.


    Hat tip to MikeP and I’ll tell you soon why you don’t have to base everything on Open Source as Guy suggests :)

  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft Filter Pack


    I just spotted this on Sarah’s blog on 10 – the 2007 Office System Converter: Microsoft Filter Pack. Quite a mouthful but looks like it’s well worth an install.

    As Sarah says,

    Windows Search 4.0 is able to search within Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other Office 2007 documents based on the text they contain. It also works for Vista too, adding new search capabilities which can be accessed right from Vista’s search bar. Now when you do a search, the Windows indexing service doesn’t just search for file names but also knows what’s in the files themselves, and that makes finding the right file so much easier.


    Download details: Microsoft Filter Pack

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