Packing for the PDC

Packing for the PDC

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I haven’t started packing just yet but I was scanning through my feeds last week and noticed the little haul above left from The Standard Hotel group. I’ll be at their place in LA for the PDC soon.

Then I noticed the Muji To Go opening in JFK airport this month and decided I need a good packing strategy for the trip. My boss always manages to travel with hand luggage – not sure I can do it on this 2 week trip but I found a very handy site to help get me there -

I decided to put together a visual checklist for my travels – feel free to add practical/humorous stuff

  • Passport
  • Wallet
  • laptop
  • Cash
  • t-shirts
  • socks
  • jocks
  • jeans
  • cap
  • shades
  • shoes/flip flops
  • shorts
  • toothbrush
  • power strip
  • US power adaptor
  • camera & charger
  • Zune & headphones
  • USB cables (Zune, phone, Jawbone)
  • UC headset (keep down those phonebills)
  • …..

…and then I noticed The Devil’s Field Guide to the PDC which is way more useful than my pathetic attempt here!


Hat tip to for the inspiration

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