November, 2008

  • Steve Clayton

    The London Twitter Elite


    The latest toy for the Twitter kids – get your rank at – I was also pleasantly surprised to find myself at #27 in the Twitter London Elite ranking. I guess the village aint so big after all…but as all the kool kidz find this little tool and change their location to London the leaderboard is more volatile than the stock exchange. I’m already bumped to #48

    Hat tip to Lloyd for directing me to the game :)

  • Steve Clayton

    Melinda and Bill Gates: Saving Lives



    “For those to whom much is given, much is expected” – the words of Bill’s late mother.


    Sort of spooky the way I read a tweet from James Tutt about this piece in The Times tomorrow right as I was posting the Girl Effect video you see below this post. They’re very related.

    Melinda and Bill Gates: saving lives is an amazing profile. It really focuses in on Melinda and she just moved in to my Top 5 people I’d want to find myself sat next to on a long plane flight.

    It really doesn’t matter what you think about Bill Gates but after you read this (which I hope you do) you can’t help but be impressed and inspired by the work he and his wife are doing alongside others like Bono and Buffet. With no pomp or ceremony they’re saving millions of lives and changing the world.

    Terrific journalism and a breathtaking story.  

  • Steve Clayton

    The Girl Effect


    Two different friends (both guys) sent this video to me this week. An amazing, thought provoking video and an noble cause. 

    Thanks Douglas and Jeremy.

  • Steve Clayton

    Five Strategies Microsoft Got Right…And What It Teaches


    Directions on Microsoft published an interesting list this week - Five Strategies Microsoft Got Right. I wont steal their thunder by adding all the details but here are the chosen 5

    1. Software Is King
    2. Outsource Your Sales Force
    3. Technology for the Masses
    4. Developers, Developers, Developers!
    5. The Long View

    It’s a pretty good list. In fact it’s a very good list and I can’t think of anything I would replace in that list. Perhaps a #6 would be hiring smart people across the whole organization. That’s one thing that never ceases to amaze me is the calibre of talent.

    Some of the 5 are pretty obvious but one people often overlook is #5. Microsoft does take a very very long view and invests in an incredible amount of research and diligence around those investments. Some would argue too much and that hampers nimbleness which I could agree with…but the long view is something I really admire about the company.

    People will concentrate on the 5 but what is a more useful list in many ways is what it teaches according to DOMIS


    1. Lesson #1: Question the rules. Change the game.
    2. Lesson #2: Create win-win partner situations to grow fast
    3. Lesson #3: Don’t neglect your customers’ most important need: a better price
    4. Lesson #4: Make it easy for partners to customize your product.
    5. Lesson #5: Business isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. Be persistent.
  • Steve Clayton

    Ballmer Talks To Students – No Eggs Thrown!



    In this video from a recent session SteveB had with UK students he talked about nobody ever watching the video afterwards. He also mentioned how the UK audience didn’t hurl eggs :)

    It’s actually a pretty good and candid session with Steve – he talks about how primitive computing and meetings are today and how much further we have go to. Take that back, it’s really good and pretty funny where he talks about the future of watching TV with Bill Gates and buying golf balls together. He flips from that to energy research and then goes on a recruiting drive with our UK students :) It’s not often you hear a CEO of an 80,000 person company invite you to send your CV/resume to him!

    Love him or hate him, he’s a great speaker as you never know where he’s going to go and he’s always passionate. Oh and he talks about changing the world….which I love of course.

    Hats off to MarkJo for putting the day together.

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