November, 2008

  • Steve Clayton

    Small Business growth with Microsoft

    <a href=";playlist=videoByUuids:uuids:f2971e5a-b6db-4fdd-986f-76a3b461bf64&amp;showPlaylist=true&amp;from=msnvideo" target="_new" title="Sky News Live">Video: Sky News Live</a>

    I saw my pal Dan Scarfe of DotNet Solutions quoted in The Sunday Times last weekend and it seems like he’s in demand appearing here on Sky News. Dan talks about the impact of the current environment on small businesses and how tough it is but also notes 40% growth in their business using Microsoft solutions that help take cost out of their customers businesses. He also touches on the challenges of raising finance in these times though – especially for small business.

    Congrats on the PR Dan and on the business results. Great to see our innovative partners like DotNet at thriving. All round good chaps the boys from Windsor.

  • Steve Clayton

    Twitter is not a chat: desktop wallpaper


    Seems more appropriate than ever today

    kudos to action datsun

  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft, Google and Cloud Wars


    [image credit NY Times]

    BusinessWeek published an interesting take on the brewing data center wars this week. They interviewed Debra Chrapaty, our Corporate Vice President of Global Foundation Services who is pretty bullish about our plans and progress. Some of the nuggets I took away

    • Debra says that "Google has done a great job of hyping" its prowess "But we're neck and neck with them.". I like it. Fighting talk – along with “We're going to reinvent the infrastructure of our industry”
    • BusinessWeek, quoting an anonymous source suggests Microsoft is planning “some 20 supersize data centers that can cost as much as $1 billion apiece”.
    • In the current climate (or maybe any climate) Matt Rosoff, from Directions on Microsoft notes that there are really only two companies with the appetite to build data centers out on this scale and "throw several billion dollars into something like this," he says.
    • On fact that took me by surprise is that our Our San Antonio datacenter that recently opened was completed in just 9 months. I was thinking these things too at least a year. Explains Debra’s bullishness perhaps?


    The final part that I think it beginning to gain some traction is the different approach we’re taking from Google in our quest to collaborate with the industry on data centers. We’re sharing our learning's and as Dell says, looking “to drive innovation forward, to get great minds engaged”.

    This story is going to rumble on for sure but I feel good about our progress and plans. All part of the Software plus Services approach

    sidenote: Debra is included in the dream team photo in the recent Wired article on Ray Ozzie.

  • Steve Clayton

    10 Reasons The Zune Beats The iPod. Seriously.



    Okay, we know that the Zune doesn’t beat the iPod where it matters (sales) so this is sort of like BetaMax/VHS but the Zune really is an increasingly impressive device. I’m beginning to wonder if it’ll become the cult device that is sort of cooler than the iPod but not as popular. Sound familiar?

    I had the original Zune and to be honest I didn’t use it as much as my iPod but with my new Zune and in particular the new desktop software and make the whole Zune experience really rather good. 

    A much better explanation is offered by Jeff in his 10 Reasons The Zune Beats The iPod. Seriously

  • Steve Clayton

    O’Reilly Favours Ozzie at Tech Czar



    I almost missed this one on the BBC but a pal in Redmond pinged it to me – Tim O’Reilly suggesting Ray Ozzie as Obama’s technology czar. Lots of names have been suggested but it’s the first time I’ve heard Ray’s name for this post and Tim has more cred to make a suggestion like this than some of the commentators to date. He says Ray is


    “a deep thinker, passionately committed to doing the right thing”


    Yep…but good as he would be, we need him here at Microsoft too much Tim.

    Move along President-elect Obama, nothing to see here :)

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