November, 2008

  • Steve Clayton

    10 Reasons The Zune Beats The iPod. Seriously.



    Okay, we know that the Zune doesn’t beat the iPod where it matters (sales) so this is sort of like BetaMax/VHS but the Zune really is an increasingly impressive device. I’m beginning to wonder if it’ll become the cult device that is sort of cooler than the iPod but not as popular. Sound familiar?

    I had the original Zune and to be honest I didn’t use it as much as my iPod but with my new Zune and in particular the new desktop software and make the whole Zune experience really rather good. 

    A much better explanation is offered by Jeff in his 10 Reasons The Zune Beats The iPod. Seriously

  • Steve Clayton All Change


    Lots of changes coming at as it looks more and more like a full blown social network. Coverage at Techmeme and Techcrunch already.

    The best way to understand what’s coming though is to watch the cool video the team did with Lee and the gang at CommonCraft.

    If you want lots of details, check out the Reviewers Guide

  • Steve Clayton

    The Register explains Azure



    Sometimes The Register makes me grimace but today they made me smile. Okay so their view of Azure isn’t totally accurate but it’s not that far off and you have to love the style in which it’s written. As an example


    Windows Azure protects you from scary shit like managing operating systems. You deploy your application straight to the data center, and it's all run in virtual instances of Windows Server 2008. Marshalling that virtualization is Windows Azure's job. Microsoft has understood that every time a developer needs to configure services on a machine, they fuck it up and need to page the ops people. 


    We should have these guys write our whitepapers :) Most of all though I love their parting comment

    Let's say you're a business decision maker, and you got yourself on this cloud computing kick. Who would you rather buy your cloud resources from?

    1. A company whose main business is books

    2. A company whose main business is text advertisements

    3. A company whose main business is business software


    Not sure I’ll mention that at CloudCamp tomorrow….

    Hat tip to ABaker for pointing me to this article.

  • Steve Clayton

    SkyDrive climbs to 25GB Free cloud storage



    I’m totally hooked on Live Mesh now for synching my files but if you need more space than the 5gb Mesh offers and some elegant sharing and storage, SkyDrive is now offering 25gb for free. Well we have to fill those data centers with something right? :)

    Hat tip to Ian Moulster

  • Steve Clayton

    Listening To



    I love the album view in Zune…just wish you could turn this in to a screensaver. any takers for that??

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