December, 2008

  • Steve Clayton

    Data Center Executives Are Moving To The Clouds



    I should check my Pantone colour chart to see which of these is closest to Azure Blue – a chart from Tom Bittman at Gartner that shows the response to this question

    When do you expect to use some external cloud services in place of what could be internal IT services?”

    As Tom says, it’s worth noting that this was specifically about workloads/services that could leverage the cloud instead of using internal IT assets rather than new applications that will move to the cloud – which I think we can expect to be quicker.

    20% already using cloud services though? Makes me think there needs to be some education on what cloud services are.

  • Steve Clayton

    Cut Out and Keep Guide to Web 2.0


    Catching up on a few posts I found languishing in my drafts. I like this How to win by using Web 2.0 from the Financial Times, not least because it’s the last place I expected to find it. Without Twitter on there (it should be in the top box) it all seems a bit dated to me though.

  • Steve Clayton

    Great Quotes #9



    "There is no secret ingredient. There is only you." - Kung Fu Panda

    Courtesy of my pal John Caswell

  • Steve Clayton

    I’m A PC Hits Liverpool


    I’m just back from a great week back at home with family in Liverpool and the place is looking great as it winds down it’s year as European Capital of Culture. Matt has mentioned the rather large I’m A PC installation in the city and I came across it a few nights ago when driving through the city centre. It’s a huge a bloody impressive LED bank of screens right opposite the main train station. Added to this, much of the rest of the city is adorned with normal billboards with numerous images from the campaign.

    Right after I took these images one flashed up with an image of my pal Allister Frost who is behind the UK execution of the campaign which reminded me to ask him whether Liverpool has gotten special treatment due to the influx of visitors or whether other cities have similar blanket treatment. Perhaps it’s tied to the revamp of the Aintree branch of PC World which has had an impressive makeover of the so called “PC aisle” and has roving Windows Gurus (who were damn good when I listened in). My brother and I also commented on the amount of times we saw the I’m A PC ad on the TV over Christmas. Way more than any Apple ads.

    It sounds like the Windows team has gone for a similar approach to the NY Subway system according to Todd Bishop which makes me wonder if there is concerted effort ahead of CES or just that the campaign is now really getting in to it’s stride as advertising on this scale presumably has a long lead time to secure such space.

    What I’m really interested in though is the effect of this campaign. Is it changing perceptions? Is it a subtle perception changing approach that is having the desired effect? I’m always skeptical of advertising and always wondered why companies do things like paying a few million dollars to have a tiny sticker on an F1 car that is hardly even seen. I guess it’s all about brand association for them whereas this campaign is attempting brand association with millions who already own the product.

    I’m no advertising or branding guru but I think what we’re doing here is good – I just can’t put my finger on why at the moment. I’m trying not to be biased (I will be inevitably) but I really like it. Maybe it’s just that when I drive past a billboard I’m genuinely pleased to say “hey look, another one of our ads”. Probably quite sad I know….


  • Steve Clayton

    Thinking Digital – More Savings

    Thinking Digital Conference 09

    You all know I love Thinking Digital and though it’s not happening until May next year, the early bird gets the cash savings. Herb Kim has kindly supplied me with a code you can use at checkout to save yourself some cash off the full fare registration fee – I forgot to post it until now so you’ll have to move quick!.

    Anyone who uses it will get the partner rate -  so right now that means a ticket cost will be £249+vat until end of 31 Jan 2009. Not a bad deal for one of the best conferences you will see next year with an great line-up of speakers and a terrific (non London) location. Here’s the code



    go forth an register to save yourself £50 of the current cheapest rate and a few hundred quid off the standard rate.

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