December, 2008

  • Steve Clayton

    Keep Calm And Carry On



    A couple of my pals (David Brain & Jas) have this image as their Twitter avatar and I almost bought a small print of it last weekend. Makes for a very cool rug in red or blue from Pedlars - hand-made exclusively in Uttar Pradesh, India

    £435 a pop…tempting

    For those who don’t know the history, I’m sure Tony Cocks can give us all the details but in brief, the image is from a 1939 poster that was issued by the Ministry of Information at the outbreak of World War II. Love that, Ministry of Information….I may rename my blog to that :)

  • Steve Clayton

    mApple Genius: The Simpsons


    Get it whilst it’s good…seems it’s being pulled from YouTube and Hulu at the moment. You know you’ve reached Zen cool status when The Simpson’s parodies you.

  • Steve Clayton

    I’m 11 today



    thanks to Frank for reminding me :)

    It’s flown by. I’ve met amazing people, found some lifetime friends and basically had a blast – if I get time over the next few days I may write up my top 11 moments at Microsoft.

    Thanks to Bill, Steve, Neil, Karl, Natalie, Alistair…etc etc etc….and Microsoft. For paying me to do my hobby for the most part…I’m a lucky man


  • Steve Clayton

    BMW using Microsoft Surface


    I came across this demonstration of Surface being used for car configuration at the BMW Blog. I actually posted this quite a while back from the Vectorform site who are the Microsoft partners they have been working with.

    I believe that the real power of software is in delivering experiences – ideally more enjoyable and entertaining ones and for a retailer of any type, Surface holds huge potential here.

    Technology is great but experiences are better.

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