ViaPost: Right Place, Right Time?

ViaPost: Right Place, Right Time?

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Some friends of mine are involved is this interesting startup business so I have a vested interest in them being successful – though I think they may have hit upon a great solution at the perfect time. Put simply, they enable to you to save money on post by sending physical post direct from your computer.

You install a print driver that adds a “Send it ViaPost” to your print options and leave the rest to ViaPost. They print it a location close to where it needs to go and barcoded up with a Royal Mail stamp to take it the last few miles. The service itself costs less than a first class stamp (which I think currently run at 36p) and carbon emissions are reduced by around 80%

You can download the driver now (Windows only) and get cracking.

  • Steve,

    This sounds like a great idea-innovative and very timely. I'll certainly be mentioning this when I get back to the office in the New Year..

    I wish your friends all the best in their new venture!



  • I'd completely forgotten about this!

    I read about this when it was still in development and was interested to see how it all works

    Isn't one of guys on board Ben Way who was some child genius (or something)?

  • Does any UK HE institution use ViaPost?

  • Andy - yep, Ben is one of the folks behind this. not sure he qualified as child genius but a very smart and likeable guy for sure!

  • Have been using this for a while now - the service has improved dramatically (after a bit of a bumpy start) and I now send 10 or so items a day which arrive quickly and save me time and money. Excellent.

    There are some rivals around (e.g. IMail), but nothing that are tempting me to try them over ViaPost!


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