January, 2009

  • Steve Clayton

    The Desktop Wallpaper Project


    I’m a wallpaper geek. Not the find you stick on your walls at home. No, the stuff that goes on the desktop of your PC. I’ve collected cool wallpapers for years and have a huge library of them that is finally starting to see the light of day with Windows 7 wallpaper rotation feature.

    Perfect timing then that I should find The Desktop Wallpaper Project

    I have a real penchant for tiled wallpaper at the moment. Check the swatch above as a perfect example that plays nice when tiled.

  • Steve Clayton

    Twitter Makes BBC1 with @wossy and @stephenfry



    As expected, Jonathan Ross and Stephen Fry briefly discussed Twitter on the Friday Night with Jonathan Ross show this evening. It lit up Twitter for a while this evening – as did JR’s discussion of farting with Tom Cruise :)

    Track @wossy mentions on Twitter

    Track @stephenfry mentions on Twitter


    I expect it’ll get some coverage in the newspapers this Sunday and if there is a way to see how many UK Twitter accounts were added tonight I’d love to know if the predicted spike happens.

    [update] good coverage from Mike Butcher at Techcrunch UK on this including footage.

  • Steve Clayton

    Windows 7 Drivers



    If you’re playing with Windows 7 and use any Microsoft peripheral hardware, be sure to check out the Drivers Page for beta software for keyboard, mice, webcams and headsets.

    I just setup my Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000, VX550 Webcam and Arc Mouse for my Vaio. All good.

  • Steve Clayton

    No More Spaghetti Cabling


    LaCie Flat Cables

    Okay I’ll skip the Fisher Price colour options but these new cables from LaCie look pretty cool and may solve the age old problem of tangling. I suppose the colours do make connections easy to identify but lets tone them down eh before they show up in Chez Clayton.

    The range includes seven different interfaces: USB A to B; USB A to Mini B; USB A male to A female; FireWire 400 to FireWire 400; FireWire 400 to FireWire 800; FireWire 800 to FireWire 800; and eSATA to eSATA.

    HT to core77

  • Steve Clayton

    Get Ready For The UK Twitter Spike This Weekend




    This afternoon, Stephen Fry was the BBC Television Centre recording the first episode of Friday Night with Jonathan Ross since @wossy was suspended from television. The show will air on Friday night here in the UK on BBC1 at 22:35


    What is the significance of this to Twitter in the UK?


    • This particular show is likely to get a higher than normal number of viewers given Ross may be expected to make an apology to Sachs. The show is normally hugely popular anyway and is prime time Friday night viewing so anticipation will be high as he returns from a 12 week suspension.



    • Stephen and Jonathan are pretty prolific on Twitter (with a combined following of >69,000)



    That all adds up to a a pretty big outing in to the public consciousness for Twitter on prime time television. These two guys are likely to enthuse (rather than inform) about Twitter and therefore pique general interest and generate a spike in both net new users and new followers for each of them. I’ll be monitoring http://search.twitter.com and I’ll look forward to the latest intelligence from Hitwise on this chart



    Frankly, if Twitter were a publicly traded company I would be buying up shares right now.

    oh and if @wossy is listening, I think he should get Twistori to create one of these for him and put it on the show behind himself for some realtime Twitter feedback during the show.

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