I’m A PC Stickers

I’m A PC Stickers

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I periodically review what search terms bring people to my blog and it continues to surprise me that a search for I’m A PC Stickers is pretty high up the list. I can only conclude people are looking for advice on ways to remove these things from their PC :)

Seriously…for years I have said that stickers are one of the most effective and viral social objects so if you are looking for an I’m A PC sticker leave your name here in the comments. I’m trying to see if there really is demand for these things and if so, whether I can help get them dropped from helicopters or something similar.

Oh and if you’re in London this Monday night (Feb 2nd) I may have a few of these things to hand out at The Burlington Arms

  • Hi Steve,

    Put my name down for a sticker if they are available please :) they will compliment my mug nicely



  • You fellows from MS France would love to get some of those to give away to customers.

    Or maybe could you provide me with the I'm a PC stickers source file so that I can produce some here locally?


  • Put me on the sticker list please!



  • Hi Steve, I would like to have a PC stickers, would be really nice to stick it in my PC ; )

    I am sure people demands, and if not...why not to give them in order to feel the like ; )


  • Hi Steve,Put me in the list



  • I'm a PC too! :)

    Would love to have these stickers!

  • My laptop just asked me for an "I'm a PC" sticker.  I had no idea what it was referring to, so it browsed me over here.

    I also didn't realize it had an identity issue - so the sooner I can give it affirmation, the better!

    Thanks, Steve :)


  • Hey Steve

    I'd love to get some of these stickers!


  • I'll glad to be in the sticker list please!



  • Sticker would be good thanks Steve. :)

  • Is it ok if I want a bunch of these to put on every University of Liverpool PC on campus? Probably not eh?

    I'll just take 2000 then.

    Seriously, nice idea, and very true, stickers get viral marketting going, I'd be interested.

  • count me in, been looking for these too!

  • Hi Steve,

    I'd love some of those :)

    My name? Cornelia

  • Me. Me. Me.

    (Did I say it enough times?)

    If you're sending it to several MSFT India folks, you can send it across to me, and I can distribute it here.

  • Goes without saying,  I can flood the partner and MVP community with these bad boys.

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