February, 2009

  • Steve Clayton

    Blogs I Enjoy #1



    I decided it was high time I starting doing some more proactive linking around here to some of the blogs I regularly read so this is the beginning of a series.

    First up is my old chum Darren Strange from Microsoft UK (aka OfficeRocker) who was in to blogging well before me and has recently retuned to the fray after a long sabbatical from the blogosphere.

    Why should you read his stuff?

    1. He’s honest. Honestly. More than many bloggers I see at Microsoft he criticises our products when they need criticising.
    2. He’s funny. Sometimes anyway. Well…now and then.
    3. He knows an awful lot about Microsoft Office and is about to start talking about Office 14
    4. He’s a very good writer
    5. He authored a blog post titled “Bill Gates runs like a girl”

    His latest post is all about getting back in to the game and I love the goal he set for himself:

    Instead of going on a blogging guilt trip, I said to myself that when my daughter slept through the night every night for a week, I would restart the blog.


    So welcome back Darren, I’ve missed you.

  • Steve Clayton

    Great Ads #20



    Clever ad by Rimmell

    H/T to frederiksamuel.com

    [update] I look at this picture a few times thinking I was sure I recognised the location and though it was Liverpool One but now I’m certain this is right outside of our offices in Victoria, London. Anyone agree?

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