February, 2009

  • Steve Clayton

    Does Twitter Have A Bad Memory?



    I write a lot of positive things about Twitter on this blog but it’s time for some negative constructive feedback to @ev @biz and co.

    I go to www.twitter.com rarely as I use a client on my PC or mobile device for reading and tweeting but every time I get a new follower I do visit the website. And every time I hope that Twitter will remember that I clicked the “remember me” option when I logged in last time. It never does. Maybe it used to, but it never has for as long as i can now remember.

    I know, I know…it’s a tiny thing but it’s sooooooo frustrating so this is a plea to the Twitter boys and gals to fix it. Back in my techie days I would have explored more and dug in to the cookie details but alas those days are gone.

    Oh and just for the record I’ve tried this on Chrome, Safari, IE and Firefox on Mac and PC….and it’s not just me. A quick glance at recent responses to my Tweet on the topic shows many others have the issue.

    Second oh..…if this is disabled for security reasons that’s cool…but please let us know and remove the check box :)

  • Steve Clayton

    Abbey Road Recreated


    My friend Nicholas Bate is fond of sharing reasons to love The Beatles (there are plenty) so I’m sure he’ll love this time time lapsed video of tourists trying to recreate the Abbey Road album cover.

    hat tip to another pal, @leelefever

  • Steve Clayton

    Cool Jobs at Microsoft



    Pretty cool looking new careers site from our Entertainment and Devices Division. As Todd Bishop says, it’s a pretty interesting mix of social networking and recruiting allowing you to watch for future jobs, check out recruiters, live chat and more. Reuters also had some coverage on this.

    Go ahead, join the Microsoft talent community and check out one of the coolest recruitment sites you’ll see in a while.

  • Steve Clayton

    GMail Fail Whale


    I know, I know…people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones etc….but the GMail Fail Whale that VentureBeat mocked up today had me smiling – too good not to share and somewhat ironic that the outages were widely reported and tracked via Twitter who’s “fail whale” has become synonymous with their outages in the past.

    Did I mention that Microsoft has a Software plus Services approach that mitigates against outages, network interruptions and such? Admittedly so does Google with IMAP and now Offline support now of course.

    Microsoft’s approach is to out a rock solid, enterprise ready email service (Exchange) in the cloud. Full launch in Europe isn’t far away now for Microsoft Online and customers such as Coca Cola Enterprises, XL Capital and Energizer are already up and running!

  • Steve Clayton

    Retro Gaming or Ancient Gaming?


    Jason just highlighted this official (from Taito) Space Invaders for iPhone or iPod Touch from the Apple App Store.

    It reminded me of an episode last week when I was playing this the old table style games unit and my 5 year old nephew asked if he could play. Assuming he’d know how to play and it would be very obvious I left him to it. About 30 seconds later he asked me “how do I play this?”. He couldn’t get it and lost interest….then back at home he plays Lego Star Wars on XBOX 360 for HOURS. Literally, hours.

    During the same visit I gave him a lesson on how to use a rotary phone. He thought it was hilarious.

    Just goes to show how interfaces and devices that many of us are deeply familiar with are outdated already.

    Or maybe I’m just showing my age?

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