February, 2009

  • Steve Clayton

    Messenger on Windows 7


    This has bugged me for a while on Windows 7 and though Tim posted the answer a while ago in his bumper list of Windows 7 tips, I missed it until the Liveside guys pointed me to it.

    Basically, Windows Live Messenger get a little freaked out by jump lists in Windows 7 so you end up with two Messenger icons. For me, the old icon in the system tray is better til they fix that and Tim found a simple way to make this happen.

    Windows Live Messenger appears by default on the taskbar. 
    ….close Windows Live Messenger, edit the shortcut properties and set the application to run in Windows Vista compatibility mode. Bingo!

    Nice :)

  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft 2019


    [update 1: if you want the full 5m version go to Elop's speech and click on 15mins in]

    [update 2: Long also has this on his site

    Predicting the future of technology is notoriously hard – but it didn’t stop our Business Division from coming up with a montage of how technology could be playing an even greater part in our lives in 2019. It was shown today for the first time when Stephen Elop presented at the Wharton Business Technology Conference.

    You can also check out Stephen’s PowerPoint slides which are a welcome departure from the bullet point riddled slides you often see from Microsoft. Bravo Stephen.

    I love these types of videos – all very Minority Report. When I look at some of the technology on display at Microsoft Research’s TechFest this week it makes me feel that this stuff is much closer than many of us expect and it’s great to see Microsoft continuing to invest in this type of research to build the future of technology.

    Sure we’re behind in search and Apple has a lovely phone thing etc etc….but there are very few companies who are making these types of bets to build the future of technology in such a broad way.

    Personally, I think our challenge is to take these bets and turn them in to more and more stunning products more quickly in the way we have with something like Microsoft Surface…and then gather up the pixie dust that comes from that computing magic and sprinkle it on the Microsoft brand. Make people love Microsoft with technology that stuns them. It’s a long and tricky road but one that I personally believe is possible.

    Hmmm, we’re back to Blue Monster again aren’t we…. :)

  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 6000



    This my friends is a kick-ass keyboard from my friends in Microsoft hardware – the Wireless Keyboard 6000. If you could see the keyboard on my Vaio TZ you’d know why I have this. The majority of the keys on my Vaio have lost their lettering despite having had the keyboard replaced once already. Sony would like to charge me £130 for another keyboard which is frankly ridiculous on a laptop that cost me over £2000 so I’ve opted for a full size keyboard whilst at work and this beauty is just the job…allow me to explain

    1. This keyboard is here due to user demand. People asked us for a keyboard only option amongst all the mouse + keyboard sets we have.
    2. The keyboard is wireless with a small USB dongle.
    3. It has a good selection of additional keys to control audio volume, track selection, opening of programs like Outlook etc.
    4. This is it’s KILLER feature - Quiet Touch Keys. Until you have used a keyboard with these keys you will not know how good it is. Very responsive, but almost silent. Sure we all loved the clickety clack of the old IBM workhorse keyboard but that gets annoying pretty quickly. This thing is beautifully designed for people who spend a lot of time bashing the keys.

    There are a few other very nice touches such as the Aero inspired translucent edge to the unit, battery status indicator and curved design that make it a fine product. Oh and one other nice addition is lettering below quick keys such as P to remind you that Windows Key + P brings up print. Simple and nicely done. You can see these in the Hi-Res image I posted to Flickr (thanks Eva).

    Overall I’m going to give this keyboard 9/10…though I’m genuinely struggling to find a reason for that dropped point right now.

    More details on our UK site and currently £34 on Amazon

  • Steve Clayton

    Great Ads #20



    Clever ad by Rimmell

    H/T to frederiksamuel.com

    [update] I look at this picture a few times thinking I was sure I recognised the location and though it was Liverpool One but now I’m certain this is right outside of our offices in Victoria, London. Anyone agree?

  • Steve Clayton

    GMail Fail Whale


    I know, I know…people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones etc….but the GMail Fail Whale that VentureBeat mocked up today had me smiling – too good not to share and somewhat ironic that the outages were widely reported and tracked via Twitter who’s “fail whale” has become synonymous with their outages in the past.

    Did I mention that Microsoft has a Software plus Services approach that mitigates against outages, network interruptions and such? Admittedly so does Google with IMAP and now Offline support now of course.

    Microsoft’s approach is to out a rock solid, enterprise ready email service (Exchange) in the cloud. Full launch in Europe isn’t far away now for Microsoft Online and customers such as Coca Cola Enterprises, XL Capital and Energizer are already up and running!

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