March, 2009

  • Steve Clayton

    Seattle Weather Report



    Sat with some friends having breakfast in Seattle and this is a pretty accurate view of the weather. Time for some retail therapy I think….

    [update] I meant to add that you can get a whole set of city weather reports in this beautiful format from to

  • Steve Clayton

    Did Lauren Choose The Right PC?


    I had a bad feeling as I read Todd Bishop’s post this morning on the “Lauren” ad and whether she chose the right machine under the circumstances. I was thinking "”uh oh…specs look similar….don’t let me get to the bottom and find a similar price”. I was wrong…I was astonished actually at the margin of price difference. See what you think (image courtesy of TechFlash)


    Did she make the right choice? In today’s economic world you’d have to say yes. On paper that looks like $2000 for some extra battery life. The reality is different of course as there is vastly superior industrial design, a better screen and some weight but for the majority of people I suspect that’s going to be a hard $2k to swallow.

    Lets be clear about the ad before all hell breaks loose in the comments. Lauren was looking for a good deal on PRICE. I think she got one. She chose the right PC for her…your choice may be based on looks, power, performance, OS….a whole range of things that would lead you down a different path. All perfectly valid…on price though, her decision was as they say “a no brainer”.

  • Steve Clayton

    Lets Take Another Look at Those Gates/Seinfeld Ads

    <a href="" target="_new" title="Video: Shoe Circus">Video: Shoe Circus</a>

    I did this recently with a friend and we laughed our asses off…they didn’t seem that funny the first time around. Maybe after all the launch hoopla died down and I watched them just for what they are they worked. Seriously, call me a fanboy (I AM) but these are actually pretty damn good.

    <a href="" target="_new" title="Video: New Family - Jerry Seinfeld Bill Gates (Long Version)">Video: New Family - Jerry Seinfeld Bill Gates (Long Version)</a>
  • Steve Clayton

    How To Build A Conference…Literally


    Time lapsed video of the setup for our MIX09 conference in Vegas.

    hat tip to Jeremy

  • Steve Clayton

    Twitter Brevity



    From GeekAndPoke

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