March, 2009

  • Steve Clayton

    iDaft: Hours of Fun Making Daft Punk Tunes



    If you’re a fan of Daft Punk you’re gonna love this. If you’re not, you’re gonna hate it. It’s a Flash app that lets you create Daft Punk esque tunes using your keyboard or mouse.

    Try out iDaft – my favourite tune is I K O L

    Hat tip to Jas

  • Steve Clayton

    London Street Art with Google Streetview



    Excellent – my chums at Nelly Duffy just came up with a great use for Google’s Streetview – checking out the street art of the capital. A fine Banksy work above on Shafton Street. They have some others on their blog and I’m off to find a few more.

    I also tracked down an Invader on Park Street.


    The big challenge is that much of Banksy’s work has been removed or nicked. Anyone else got some good sightings?

  • Steve Clayton

    Windows Mobile 6.5 and Zune



    I didn’t manage to catch the Windows Mobile 6.5 session at MIX09 but after looking watching the video I’m inclined to agree with Long that it’s beginning to look like a more than adequate stop on the way to Windows Mobile 7. The UI looks pretty polished and in particular I like the home screen above as it has a real Zune look to it. I love the Zune UI – simple and elegant.

    I’m beginning to think I may need to tap up some of my old pals in the mobile team and trade up from my ageing Excalibur to something that’s 6.5 ready.

    Check out the full MIX09 session including 3 mins demo. What do you think?

  • Steve Clayton

    Look, It’s A Trillion Dollars



    That’s a dude stood next to what [corrected] $100 million dollars would look like. So what’s this below?


    Is that a set of servers in a datacenter? Nope, it’s a trillion dollars. Good to know what these things looks like in the era of “stimulus packages” :)

    Mega kudos to PageTutor who has the full set of images and thanks to Dominique for the link.

  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft Research Machine Translation Widget



    You may notice this new little widget over on the right hand sidebar of my blog. Thanks to the Microsoft Research Machine Translation team you can now dynamically translate this page in to a multitude of languages.

    The team announced this tech preview here at MIX09 this week and all attendees got a special invitation to the preview. It’s incredibly easy to use and doesn’t take people away from your site for translation.

    Check out more details on the team blog

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