April, 2009

  • Steve Clayton

    OS’es on The Web



    I’ve seen a number of cool sites this week that are related to OS’es on the web. The first is a Commodore 64 Emulator in Silverlight 3. Like Marc, I also nicked this flashing cursor image from Scott’s site as it’s retro cool.

    Next up is a site from our team in Argentina for an event over there. The site resembles the UI of Windows 1.01 and is amazingly cool and retro.


    Finally we go full circle with a a partner from Uruguay, d2b Networks, who has developed a Windows 7-like version of their site. Some features they included:

    • Aero peek
    • Desktop peek
    • Carrousel selection of windows
    • Gadget for displaying sponsors

    Love it.

  • Steve Clayton

    HTC Snap



    This could be my long overdue new phone. For a few years now I have kept my HTC Excalibur – it’s simply a great phone, with great ergonomics, battery life and more. It falls down in a few areas though…lack of 3G and GPS are my two main bugbears and it fixed both.

    As BoyGenius reports, this is the first handset from HTC to include their “Inner Circle” email prioritization system.

    It’s pretty clever, actually — Inner Circle allows users to define a group of high priority contacts. When inboxes start to get a bit out of control, a simple tap on the dedicated Inner Circle button will automatically place any emails from high priority contacts at the top of the inbox


    I’m hoping some of my old friends at HTC are listening when I say I’d love to review one :)

  • Steve Clayton

    Tesco.com using IE8 Accelerators and Windows Azure



    Catching up a bit here given a few weeks on the road in the US and I found this gem from HolmesTesco.com now has an IE8 Accelerator that is hosted Windows Azure. What does this mean? Well if you install the Accelerator on IE8 you can highlight pretty much any grocery item on the web and get  an instant set of prices.

    Great work by Nick and the team who also released some API’s for for the site too.

  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft DreamSpark: free software for students



    Sort of old news now as this came across the wires last week with Bill Gates at the Government Leaders Forum – but Microsoft DreamSpark is now also available to High-school students – it was previously available to University students only. What does this mean? Well basically it means if you’re a student you can lay your mitts on all this goodness for free. Pretty impressive.



    head to www.dreamspark.com for more info and to grab the goods.

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