April, 2009

  • Steve Clayton

    I’m A PC stickers landing all over



    6348636-ae6934185da752853f4ec11f1112ee70_49f0e12b-scaled 6348210 


    Maybe I’m A confused PC from the guys at EMC/Conchango :)

    thanks to @poleydee. If you want to add your own photos you can now post them to the Flickr group


    Not got a sticker from the distribution team and want one? Check out the distribution plan or try to bribe me via email or Twitter

  • Steve Clayton

    The Mobile Web Is Borked



    A cool presentation by John Pettengill who work at Razorfish (a Microsoft company). He walks us through why the mobile web is just broken and a complete compromise and then explains what it could and should look like. Unsurprisingly the solutions are all iPhone based but right now, that device along with the App Store is what’s dragging the mobile web in to the future.

  • Steve Clayton

    Hardware Issues


    song chart memes

    Wise words from GraphJam this morning. Never done this myself of course…

  • Steve Clayton

    Get Insight from a Microsoft Data Center



    I saw an internal email regarding a webcast called Transforming the Data Center with Energy Efficiency and assumed it was an internal only event. To my surprise the link took me to our Technet site and it turns out this is a public webcast. A 2 hour webcast too!


    Event Overview

    With the explosion of online services and cloud computing, the rapid scale out of IT and IT infrastructures needs to grow at a pace that meets the needs of the businesses while maintaining both cost and resource efficiencies. Energy efficiency in the data center can drive down costs and minimize the environmental impact of operations. In this webcast, we discuss what Microsoft has learned as it implements disruptive, energy-efficient computing ideas in its own data center operations. These energy-efficient computing ideas should change data center designs at Microsoft and across the IT industry. We provide many examples that illustrate some of the key elements of this data center transformation, including outside air cooling.

    Presenters: Christian Belady, Power Architect, Microsoft Corporation and Daniel Costello, Director, Microsoft Corporation  


    You can sign up on the TechNet Webcast page now and you may also be interested in Cloud Computing Futures: Creating Greener Clouds with Microsoft Research

  • Steve Clayton

    Belkin Micro Auto Charger - On My Wish List



    Sometimes the smartest ideas are the most obvious ones. Add to this list the Belkin Micro Auto Charger that turns your car lighter socket in to a USB charger. Coming soon for the princely sum of $15

    H/T to Gadget Lab from Wired.com

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