April, 2009

  • Steve Clayton

    Windows 7 Russian Wallpaper


    Собор в честь Покрова Пресвятой Богородицы (храм Василия Блаженного) и Спасская башня, Красная площадь (St Basil's Cathedral and Spassky Tower, Red Square)

    Loving the Windows 7 Russian wallpapers, especially this one.

    check ‘em all out and download via Sarah


  • Steve Clayton

    I’m A PC Stickers: The Distribution Plan


    display_picture_0009_12 display_picture_0008_11 display_picture_0007_1 display_picture_0006_10

    Okay…a day later than I expected to post this but I’ve been thinking through how I equitably distribute the 10,000 I’m A PC stickers I have come in to ownership of. Stickers are fantastic viral media or social objects as my friend Hugh calls them so I’m keen to activate them in this way and get wide distribution. Given that, here is the plan…feel free to comment/suggest other ideas

    Part 1: Microsoft Staff and US readers

    • If you’re a Microsoft person in the UK I will be in TVP on Thursday of this week and you can come grab up to 50 stickers from me. Email me for details
    • If you’re a Microsoft person outside of the UK I’d love to help but for now I’m limiting myself to the UK as I have a day job to do….and it’s not filling internal envelopes
    • If you’re in the US and you want stickers, you can actually buy them online
    • If you’re in the US and in Texas you can drive to meet Hugh MacLeod who will get a stash of them.

    Part 2: UK residents

    • I’m going to distribute a pile of stickers to a number of “hubs” who I know will be good at sharing them with others given their social status. All being well, these will include Phil Winstanley, Ian Forrester, The Hodge, Richard Jones, Herb Kim, Chris Alexander, Alison Gow, Jack Schofield, Tom Bashman and perhaps one or two others.
    • All I ask of these folks is they distribute the stickers to others and ask them to post photos (see below)
    • If you think you should be a network point for these stickers, send me an note @stevecla on Twitter
    • I will be at Thinking Digital in Newcastle in May and will bring stickers with me so hope to see you there.
    • If you’re REALLY keen to get a sticker, lets do the Blue Peter thing – send me a stamped, self addressed envelope to Steve Clayton, Microsoft Ltd, Thames Valley Park, Reading, Berkshire, RG6 1WG (I don’t go to the office too often so it may take a few weeks).

    Part 3: The Distribution Experiment

    • If you get more than one sticker either from me or from one of the folks above, please share it…I want to see how far we can make these things go. That’s the social object experiment.
    • Once you have stuck your sticker, take a photo and post it to the I’m A PC group on Facebook Flickr group (or email it to me – stevecla AT microsoft.com)…ideally with a location so we can also map them.

    Part 3: The Competition

    • You can take part in this even if you have a sticker already (except MS employees)
    • When Windows 7 launches, I’ll chose the best photo that is unusual/mad/cool/whatever I like…..and the winner will get a signed copy of Windows 7 and some other schwag I can line up. Note it will not be signed by me…I will ensure it’s signed by “the other Steve”.

    So there you have it….a multitude of ways to lay your hands on the humble sticker. Lets make it happen.

  • Steve Clayton

    16 Great Screensavers



    After posting about the DropClock screensaver this weekend I checked out a few others. My second favourite is the Polar Clock as recommended in the comments on my original post but also worth checking out are these 16 Awesome Screensavers courtesy of The Dude…note I changed the title of this post from his original as I couldn’t quite bring myself to say “awesome”.

  • Steve Clayton



    image image

    Lime green Porsche sir? Salmon pink Ferrari perhaps? No I didn’t think so and thankfully neither are actual motors…they’re images I whipped up thanks to UseTheColor.com

    Hours of fun. This would actually make a great application on Microsoft Surface in a car showroom. It’d keep some of the more garish colours off our roads. Or maybe it’d just add to them….

    Hat tip to Roger Sanborn

  • Steve Clayton

    The Coolest Screensaver Ever?


    I love this screensaver. So much so I ponied up the cash to buy the full version from SCR – on $15

    A trial version is available for both Windows and Mac.

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