Blue Monster Cube Grenades

Blue Monster Cube Grenades

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[the shelf above my “cube” at home sporting an original]

Hugh is on a riff and roll at the moment with Cube Grenades – something his audience has been doing with his stuff for years but he’s only just noticed. Often the way.

I’m lucky enough to have a number of Hugh originals both in the standard business card format but also a couple of his new full scale prints and the Blue Monster is a true original of the species – I know it graces many cubicles in Redmond and recently heard it was in the office of someone pretty senior. I’ll be sending them one of the last signed original lithos I have.

Do you have Blue Monster grenade? If so, post it up and lets be seein’ it…

I like the notion of cube grenades. They’re provocative images or messages that make people stop, ask questions and challenge. Same with card grenades

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