June, 2009

  • Steve Clayton

    Nike: Exploit Yourself


    Very cool. Love the retro HP, Fujitsu and Philips neon building signs.

  • Steve Clayton

    Bike Magic


    My pal Brad sent me this a few months back and I’d forgotten to post it – I actually just sent it out an email alias I send cool stuff to every Friday night – my “Friday Thing” friends.

    Danny MacAskill was filmed in and around Edinburgh over a period of a few months performing breathtaking street riding. Of course some people will think he’s a bloody nuisance…personally, I think he’s a bit of an artist and there is something a bit Banksy about him.

    Stunning music too - Band of Horses for their epic song 'The Funeral.'

  • Steve Clayton

    Field Notes Notebooks



    At Microsoft I work in what we lovingly call “the field” which sounds a bit military and sometimes if feels that way :) I also take a lot of notes and though you’d think I’d take them all digitally, I don’t. I therefore couldn’t resist these notebooks from Field Notes in Chicago.

    Along with beautiful notebooks they also have a groovy website.

  • Steve Clayton

    Buy a PC tomorrow and get Windows 7 or pre order


    Announcing the Windows 7 Upgrade Option Program & Windows 7 Pricing

    Brad Brooks from the Windows team chats with Brandon about Windows 7 upgrade options, pricing, availability and more.

    Basically if you buy a PC with Vista from tomorrow onwards, you get a free upgrade to a similar version of Windows 7. See www.windows.com/upgradeoffer for the details.

    Brandon has all the details including the impact of the E version and more. Good news in Europe is Windows 7 E full version will be available at upgrade pricing. Nice touch.

    Pre-orders start tomorrow in US, Canada and Japan with more than 50% discount and pre orders will start for UK, France and Germany on July 15th.

  • Steve Clayton

    BA and CRM



    I’m normally very impressed with BA’s CRM systems but this email today proved they’re fallible – either that or I have changed my name to Mr Sample :)

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