July, 2009

  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft launches Seadragon.com



    Our Live Labs team has launched Seadragon.com which allows you to share images of pretty much any size on the web as a zoomable photo. The site sits on top of Windows Azure which I expect to be a growing trend with our websites and projects as internal team start to reap the rewards of early access to our cloud platform. It should make for some interesting announcements at PDC09 in November as more come out of the woodwork.

    With Seadragon.com you end up with a URL that can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, or through email or IM. Or embed it directly on your blog, eBay listing or virtually any site…if sites like eBay and Amazon were to adopt this it’d have a great impact for certain purchases where you need to see a lot of detail. Imagine buying a car on eBay and being able to see if the wheels are scuffed, or buying a suite from PaulSmith.co.uk and seeing the detail of the stitching.

    here’s a quick effort from me

  • Steve Clayton

    How Much Is A Petabyte?



    Have you ever wondered how much a Petabyte really is? Yep, me too….at least once a day.

    Now you can visualise it courtesy of The Mozy Blog and get a sense of why Google and Microsoft are building vast vast datacenters. To store all of your petabytes.

  • Steve Clayton




    Historicaltweets.com is back on form. This one is a nice play on a quote attributed to Bill’s in the 1980’s - “640K ought to be enough for anybody.”

    Bill has denied ever making the remark and Wired cleared him of it

    “I’ve said some stupid things and some wrong things, but not that. No one involved in computers would ever say that a certain amount of memory is enough for all time … I keep bumping into that silly quotation attributed to me that says 640K of memory is enough. There’s never a citation; the quotation just floats like a rumour, repeated again and again.”


  • Steve Clayton

    The Twitter landscape



    How the Twitter landscape looks..via SwissMiss

    It overlooks the real story though that my people are on there. That’s all that really matters in the numbers.

  • Steve Clayton




    Get your own logo in the Twitter font, courtesy of Twitlogo

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