August, 2009

  • Steve Clayton

    Binging in the changes



    [image credit: Kevin P. Casey for The New York Times]

    An enjoyable piece on Qi Lu who heads up Microsoft’s search business in the NY Times today. Udi Manber of Google says he “is probably the best competition I can have” which is a fine compliment. The proof will be in the results and I’m doing my small part in methodically changing all my friends and families home pages to It’s paying off as many of them say it gives them results as good as Google and they LOVE the new image on the homepage each day. They see it as a refreshing change and at times and welcome educational diversion. I’m sure Google could add the same feature at a moments notice but suspect they’re avoiding any temptation to “copy” anything from Bing as that would only serve to validate the progress being made.

    There is a very very long way to go but I for one feel a tiny bit more confident with Mr Lu at the helm.

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    The long and short of digital storage



    Courtesy of

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    the cloud buzz



    Another classic from Geek & Poke. Shoot me if you hear me doing the cloud thing!

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    Great Quotes #18



    Only Ali could get away with this quote – no doubt delivered with his trademark smile or self assured earnest look. 


    On his golfing abilities

    “I'm the best. I just haven't played yet”


    Hat tip to The Observer who had a list of several other great quotes from him last weekend.

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    New Banksy - Roller Zorro



    Despite my initial reservations, it looks as though the latest Banksy I spotted up on the Westway section of the A4 this week is legit. It turns out the image has been seen before, most recently at the Bristol exhibition (photo below from UK Street Art) and in previous shows. The thread on the Banksyforum includes a print of a very similar image and some more Bristol based evidence.



    Sleuths have also suggested that the pink paint splashed around the new image is the same as used for banners at the Bristol show. That actually makes me more suspicious that it’s a smart fake and the fact that the image isn’t as crisp as usual….but for now, I think we can say the Bristol bomber has struck again.

    Meantime, I love what appears to have been a Banksy hit at Bristol Zoo.


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