August, 2009

  • Steve Clayton

    Windows Live Movie Maker now available



    [update] check out the download site now with sample content

    [update] Kip now has his review up at Liveside

    The new version of Windows Live Movie Maker popped out of the Redmond oven today and I think it’s a big step forward. To be honest, the beta version that shipped in Wave 3 of Windows Live Essentials didn’t hit the spot and was seen as many as a step backwards.

    This new version adds some sparkle to movie making with a ribbon toolbar, new transitions and effects and the AutoMovie feature. You can post directly to YouTube (and Smugmug, Picasa etc) from the app, create HD movies and apply some professional looking video effects to the movie and your titles. Oh and it supports Jump Lists in Windows 7 :)

    Many will like the Auto Movie but my favourite feature is Live Preview which allows you to apply a visual effect like sepia and see it applied immediately.

    RedmondPie has the first independent review I’ve seen.


    Hope you like it!

  • Steve Clayton

    Great Quotes #18



    Only Ali could get away with this quote – no doubt delivered with his trademark smile or self assured earnest look. 


    On his golfing abilities

    “I'm the best. I just haven't played yet”


    Hat tip to The Observer who had a list of several other great quotes from him last weekend.

  • Steve Clayton

    Love cricket, hate Marmite



    We all know about the love/hate relationship with Marmite and I’m in the hate camp…but I love this advert to coincide with the Ashes cricket series. The detail of the stitching look on the side is particularly impressive. A very clever ad and £4.49 a jar…though it would have been really smart to sell them in 6 with one free and call them an over + a wide. 



    hat tip to The Dieline

  • Steve Clayton

    Zune HD hands-on


    (Credit: Donald Bell/CNET Networks)

    The Zune HD must be getting close now with such a thorough hands on review from by Donald Bell at C|Net. It sounds like a beautifully engineered device and though it’s different from an iPod Touch that’s what it’ll obviously be compared to. I have a Touch and I like it a lot and the applications are where it shines above and beyond Zune. As a pure music device though, I’ll still be laying my cash down for a Zune HD later this year. I’m particularly keen to check out the OLED screen and how well touch has been implemented in the UI as it may foreshadow Windows Mobile 7 – certainly there is a lot to like about the UI from Donald’s review. 

    Possibly the most innovative area UI wise of Zune HD is the way the device works online. It pulls a gallery of artist information and recommendations from the Zune Marketplace down to your device to encourage further exploration and obviously purchases.

    Audio wise, the Zune has always been a strong performer though like Donald I’m glad to see the EQ feature back on the device as some tunes just need a little more oomph or delicacy.

    The web browser sounds pretty impressive too…another nod to Windows Mobile 7 maybe? Apparently it’s super fast and “pinching and reorienting pages work just like the iPhone and iPod Touch”.


    Hoping it’s out before my next trip to Redmond :)

  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft OneApp announced



    messenger_icon[1] twitterlite_icon[1] facebook_icon[1] reader_icon[1] games_icon[2] sports_icon[1]

    We just announced Microsoft OneApp which incredibly hadn’t leaked as far as I can tell. What is it? Basically it’s a mobile application platform for feature phones – of which there are over 2bn in the world.

    OneApp enables some of the most popular applications we’ve become familiar with on smartphones to run on feature phones.  Windows Live Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, and many more – these are real applications, not just websites rendered on a feature phone.


    Its lightweight on-phone footprint of just 150 KB makes the installation easy and fast. OneApp also includes cloud services that help offload processing and storage from the phone to the Internet, improving overall performance. OneApp runs on a wide range of phones with more being tested all the time


    OneApp is available in South Africa through Blue Label Telecoms and their mibli service and we have plans to launch in more countries within the next year. The team has made a tonne of additional information available

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