August, 2009

  • Steve Clayton

    Great Ads #22



    Very smart ad from Lego.

    hat tip to Visual Attitudes

  • Steve Clayton

    Working Around The World



    Click the image for the big version. South Korea…wow, you're busy!

  • Steve Clayton

    The shallow war of wallpapers


    I don’t get all this kerfuffle around wallpapers in Windows 7 vs. Snow Leopard. Both have great wallpapers and given it’s art, it’s unlikely that you’re going to like all of the wallpapers in either OS. Personally, I don’t like the characters wallpapers (below) in Windows 7 but I’m sure kids love them.


    I love the architecture set though (below) and I some of the Snow Leopard images are terrific. For Philip Elmer-DeWitt to suggest that a taste gap exists based on these wallpapers is just a bit, well, disingenuous. Both OS’es have great wallpapers and deserve credit. The comments on his post bear this out and show that in the real world there is a much more balanced view of things.



    Of course if you want a really great set of free wallpapers for either OS, check out Mike Swanson’s beautiful collection – a small sample of which are below


  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft Store: now hiring




    Microsoft is now hiring staff for the first two retail stores in Scottsdale, Arizona and Mission Viejo, California as reported by TechCrunch today. The basic outline:


    We’re looking for new store employees who love technology and teaching and helping others.  In particular, we’re looking for people with technical backgrounds who can help customers choose the best Microsoft products and services for their needs and troubleshoot any technical issue they may have.

    This additional detail in the skills required made me chuckle


    Lifting/carrying up to 75 pounds (loading and unloading all those great products and carrying purchases out for our customers will be required!)


    I’m very drawn to this and keep wondering if I should try to get involved – albeit if and when we bring something to the UK. I love my current job but I’ve always enjoyed simplifying technology and surprising people by showing technology and bringing it to life through simplicity and stories. That’s what the Blue Monster was all about really – getting outside the walls of Microsoft and telling the story of our software through experiences. I don’t think you’ll be seeing the iconic blue cartoon in a store anytime soon but perhaps we need some of that ethos. 

    You can find the full job details at and keep an eye on the Microsoft Jobs blog for more.

    Me, I’m off to think about contacting some friends in Redmond to see what opportunities may exist here in the future.

  • Steve Clayton

    SharePoint in plain English


    SharePoint in Plain English

    It looks like my pal Lee over at CommonCraft has been doing some more work with Microsoft – this time with the SharePoint team. Initially I thought “huh…who’d want a 3 minute guide to SharePoint” but in hindsight perhaps this could be a very useful tool for Microsoft Partners.

    SharePoint is a business growing at speed and there are lots of partners doing cool stuff with it – to a non technical person it could sound pretty confusing all that tagging, sharing, publishing, blah blah but a quick 3 minute video explains it in (American) English.

    Let me know if you’re a partner and interested in downloading and I’ll see if we can get that sorted.

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