First shot of a Microsoft retail store

First shot of a Microsoft retail store

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Microsoft, barricade, Scottsdale Fashion Square, Scottsdale, AZ

The official Microsoft Twitter account tweeted on Friday about the first “image” of Microsoft retail stores in Scottsdale and Mission Viejo. The twitpic has a number of comments asking when one is coming to the UK. I have the same question :)

Actually I’ve been thinking about this over the last few weeks – about maybe trying to find a role in the retail side. About 5 years ago I wrote an internal memo about why it’d make sense to have a retail store and I still have the same passion for the topic. I’m not sure what I’d do or even if they have jobs but I could sort of see myself in retail, helping to get the word out about Microsoft products.

I dunno….maybe it’s a crazy idea. We’ll see….meantime, I like the way Bing is the entry point to the store on this hoarding. Subtle.


@cooganphoto is the source of the photos and he has a few more on his Flickr page.

  • Bing as an entry point? If that was deliberate you're infinitely more observant than I am.

    I think a lot of fans are eager to apply for roles in retail, Microsoft has some dedicated followers (like me!) who share the vision of a connected home, the people who grew up watching Bill Gates' CES keynotes as though they were the Christmas Lectures. I spent my late teenage years getting my parents into a connected home with Media Center TV (+extenders), handwriting recognition, voice recognition, my parents always thought it was a bit ridiculous but my dad bought a couple of Macs a year ago and whilst he still uses them he misses the features and will probably switch to Win7.

    I am surprised to see somebody already in the firm feeling the same way, its nice to see that sort of passion still exists within a company Microsoft's size.

  • Steve - a Windows shop with no windows ? ;)

  • yeah, weird I know Jason.

    I went in the Apple store last week and asked where I could buy some Granny Smiths and they looked at me like "duh" :)


  • as much as the world gets digital people still need something tangible. I think Nokia have created some great retailer experiences taht are all about the brand and less about the sale. I think apple do it well but much more of a sales push

    let people use the space to get excited about the brand and buy it somewhere else

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