September, 2009

  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft Tag in action


    Moving swiftly on from the Microsoft Windows 7 house party thing…we’re back on track with a somewhat more funky video about Microsoft Tag.

    Not sure what Tag is? Think of it as a barcode on steroids. Imagine you picked up a book at a bookstore and wanted to see more about the author or see the online reviews from Amazon. If the book has a Microsoft Tag and you have a phone with the Tag reader installed, it’s just a click away.

    There are a tonne of other usage scenarios. I found out that Stoke NHS Trust here in the UK is using Tag for patient information and staff signatures.

    I’m quite a fan of Tag so hope to see it get broader adoption

  • Steve Clayton

    Stuff you need to know



    I always wondered how a sewing machine worked. Now I know…if I could have something similar for internal combustion engine and vinyl records that’d be great. thanks..

    courtesy of swissmiss

  • Steve Clayton

    Clever Dixons Ads


    dixons1_0 dixons2_0

    Ho ho…made me laugh. Surely it ought to say then go to <price comparison site> and buy it? Kudos to Dixons and their agency Saatchi and Saatchi though.

    Love the way each one apes the brand colours and font of the store in question.

  • Steve Clayton

    Free Download: Microsoft Security Essentials



    Perhaps one of the most common requests I get from family and friends is for advice on what security software they should add to their PC – this is after many of them have become frustrated with the trial versions that come with their PC. Well today I can offer them a solution from the Microsoft stable – Microsoft Security Essentials.

    I’ve been using it for a while on my home PC and I’m pretty happy with it. Easy to setup, non intrusive and doesn’t hammer the CPU like previous programs.

    Grab it today from

  • Steve Clayton

    77 Windows 7 Tips



    A list if techie tips fro Technet. I knew a lot of them but this one I didn’t. Given the amount of machine tinkering I do, I like.

    49. Restore from Backed up Restore Points. You can choose to include restore points in your backups and restore from them when using System Restore. This is convenient if you want to create a baseline of a working configuration and be able to restore to it in the future without overwriting other data on the hard disk.


    Hat tip to Rob

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