September, 2009

  • Steve Clayton

    Data centers are just like Lego


    Cool video about how data centers are becoming like Lego – though I was a bit baffled by what looked like a raised floor. This is from Chris Crosby of Digital Realty Trust which is where Mike Manos landed after leaving Microsoft.

    You can find out more about Microsoft’s Generation 4 data centers or stay tuned here as I’ll have some more data center news coming this month.

  • Steve Clayton

    Coffee and cables



    I took this a while back whilst squatting in an office on our Redmond campus. The worlds shortest Ethernet cable. What would you use something of this length for? Routing?

  • Steve Clayton

    Windows phones…are coming



    Windows phones are coming on October 6th. Having played with a unit running 6.5 Pro I’m finally inclined to move from my 5 year relationship with a keyboard equipped Smartphone. I love the HTC Snap I have at the moment but am keen to see if the touch screen interface of 6.5 can challenge its speed and versatility for me.

    Mind you, I plan to get my Zune HD in a few weeks so perhaps that’ll satisfy my desire for a touch screen device from the Microsoft stable.

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