September, 2009

  • Steve Clayton

    Social media makes you fitter



    well it would for me if I followed this easy workout plan :) Every time you check out one of these sites you do the requisite exercises….wow, that’d have me buff in days. Hours even!!

    from Patrick Moberg

  • Steve Clayton

    Lenovo to bring enhanced experience to Windows 7



    Lenovo is clearly investing big for Windows 7 which is great for me as my next PC is likely to come from their stable. I’ve posted before about the fact they already have a solid device stage implementation on my T61p. Today I read about the Lenovo Enhanced Experience certification that they’re going to apply to a number of laptop and desktop models.

    From the press release

    Lenovo Enhanced Experience is the result of joint engineering between Lenovo and Microsoft designed to provide PCs that will not only run Windows 7, but will also help consumers and small business customers enrich their experience with the new Windows 7 operating system when it becomes available.
    Among the key benefits of the Lenovo Enhanced Experience certification is advanced performance tuning, which enables both Think and Idea PCs to start-up significantly faster than identical configuration, non-optimized PCs. For example, on select Think PCs, Windows 7 starts up to 56 percent faster compared to running Windows XP or Vista, and shuts down in as little as five seconds.(1) Enhanced Experience PCs also include multimedia enhancements and easy system maintenance tools on Idea PCs, and performance-optimized ThinkVantage Technologies for advanced productivity and security on Think PCs.


    The close collaboration between hardware and software is one of the reasons you get a smooth experience on Mac’s so this deeper collaboration is a welcome sign that the PC ecosystem is learning from that.

  • Steve Clayton

    If you printed the internet…



    nice find from my pal Kris…more where this came from

  • Steve Clayton

    Occasional apps



    I like the look of Newsstand a lot and it integrates with Google Reader which is a big plus point for me (why do we still not have a decent RSS reader??). To be honest I don’t use my iPhone Touch that much apart from a few apps such as the Sky Remote Recording app for when I’m about the house…Newstand may well get added to that list of occasional apps to help me keep on top of my RSS feeds.

    Lets hope something similar appears on Zune HD.

    Hat tip to Wired

  • Steve Clayton

    Zune HD video



    Gordon reminded me that it’s been well over a week since I got my Zune HD and I haven’t posted anything about it. I plan to address that this week but in the meantime, savour this video

    hat tip to Long Zheng

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