September, 2009

  • Steve Clayton

    Does Windows 7 need a Missing Manual?



    I’m reading all the hoopla around David Pogue, Snow Leopard and his Missing Manuals and noticed he has a Missing Manual for Windows 7 on the way. The product description on Amazon reads:

    “Beta testers of Windows 7 are singing its praises, but when it comes time for ordinary mortals to learn this new system, Microsoft offers little help”


    Microsoft offers little help. Really? I popped along to and found an awful lot of help such as Getting Started which includes details on getting to knows the OS, a first week checklist, installing programs, setting up hardware and personalisation. Each of those section has a detailed list with subsections which cover things like UI changes from Vista, Aero shake, compatibility mode and more. A good number of them are supplemented by explanatory videos. All of these pages are searchable from Google, Bing etc too so a common question such as “Make older programs run in Windows 7” that people may type in to a search engine leads you to just the page you need (the page in question is the first hit on Bing and Google).

    There is a tonne of other information on Windows 7 Help and How To, tour videos, communities, Twitter and more. I’m sure some folks still want a manual to refer to which is perfectly understandable. A quick search of Amazon turns up a number of Windows 7 books such as Windows 7 Plain & Simple and Windows 7 Step by Step which like the Missing Manual are available for pre-order. 

    I’ve nothing against Mr Pogue or his publishers and perhaps this is just some boilerplate text, but to suggest Microsoft offers little help seems somewhat disingenuous to me.

  • Steve Clayton

    Zune HD Day


    Black and Platinum Family Shot

    I got the email I wanted from Amazon yesterday to confirm that my Zune HD is en route and should be arriving at my hotel in Seattle any moment now. Wooohooooo…..there goes my day :)

    I’m quite exccited about this new device, so much so that during a meeting yesterday when one was handed around I resisted the urge to grab it and have a play was I want the full experience of unpacking my own, pristine new device. Geeky eh.

    I went for the 16gb as I wanted a black unit so expect photos later today but I expect the web will be full of them.

    Todd Bishop reports that Twitter and Facebook are coming to Zune HD soon as is Project Gotham Racing: Ferrari Edition. 

    As expected the Zune 4.0 software launched today along with a revamped Zune website.

  • Steve Clayton

    Bing laptop skins



    I spotted a guy from the Bing team with Design 2 last week whilst in Redmond and now I find anyone (well, anyone from Microsoft) can get a Bing laptop skin. I’m quite tempted but not totally sure I can deface my Vaio’s carbon. Decisions, decisions…


    Hat tip to Rob Margel

  • Steve Clayton

    Zune HD video



    Gordon reminded me that it’s been well over a week since I got my Zune HD and I haven’t posted anything about it. I plan to address that this week but in the meantime, savour this video

    hat tip to Long Zheng

  • Steve Clayton

    Stuff you need to know



    I always wondered how a sewing machine worked. Now I know…if I could have something similar for internal combustion engine and vinyl records that’d be great. thanks..

    courtesy of swissmiss

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