Microsoft Chicago Data Center Container Bay


I love Dave’s GreenM3 blog – it’s my go to place for data center news. So much so that I just got the info about our own Chicago data center opening over at his site. Of particular interest was the coverage of the containers being used there. Lots of folks talk about containerised data centers but you can now see exactly what they’re like in the video above. Okay so it’s a big ass container and not very exciting but if you’re paying attention to cloud computing and the reliance it has on data centers, this is big news. They allow scale to go up (2000+ servers per container) and cost to go down.

It’s intriguing to hear Daniel Costello from our data center team remark that

there's a wide open space in the middle of the Chicago data center, where there are no yellow parking space lines painted. The next generation of modular units won't be shipping containers, Costello says—though he's not yet ready to say what form they will be.

The Chicago facility is 700,000 square feet. Wow.