October, 2009

  • Steve Clayton

    Windows 7 UK videos – my idea



    the first one is my favourite. Love the attitude.

    A few others from the UK team over in their YouTube channel. Crystal’s video is pretty good too…on and be sure to check out Joe Wilcox’s review of the ads in general. I like his Burger King analogy that Windows 7 is about having it your way…not Steve’s way :)

  • Steve Clayton

    Starbucks and Bing maps




    Nice to see the good people at Starbucks using Bing maps. I wish the embed images had the option to check out streetside views though.

  • Steve Clayton

    And what do you do?



    My upcoming flight to Seattle should afford me some time to check out my friend Katie Ledger’s book which was published last week. It’s all about portfolio careers and written in conjunction with Barrie Hopson.

    What is a portfolio career? You can check out the excellent accompanying blog to find out (or buy the book of course) – essentially it’s about having a number of different jobs, typically for different clients that afford a lot of flexibility and diversity with which to make the most of your skills. As the blog says examples are the events organiser who teaches Pilates, the lawyer who is a food journalist, or the lighting designer who is a photographer and Reiki Master.

    You can grab an excerpt from the book or go buy it from Amazon and the usual places. A bonus is the inclusion of a number of Hugh MacLeod cartoons

    Congrats to Katie and Barrie on the release of the book. I know it’s been a labour of love and they have my utmost respect for doing something I keep promising myself I will do. One day.

  • Steve Clayton

    CloudBerry Explorer for Microsoft Azure Blob Storage in beta



    I got an update from Andy over at CloudBerry that their Explorer for Microsoft Azure Blob Storage is about to go in to beta and you can sign up on their web page. It makes managing files in Microsoft Azure Blob Storage very simple with a Windows Explorer style interface.

    Good timing with the PDC less than a month away

  • Steve Clayton

    Windows 7 UK ads



    I came home last night and pretty much the first thing I saw on TV was an ad for Windows 7. A dude in a gym with a Lenovo laptop…it was meant to be :) I’m off to find the ad online but in the meantime, these are the ads that adorned our Reading HQ office in the UK on launch day.

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