November, 2009

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    My last year in Twitter




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    Christmas wish list has started


    soso1 soso2

    I’ll start my Christmas Wish List posts this year with something a little unusual – salt.

    "Soso is a brand of high quality salts, which come from a salt mine located in a natural reserve in the south of Spain. The client was looking for a distinguishing container that could be used both to store salts and as a salt cellar. An egg is the perfect container, as its own shell is the packaging, so it was decided that an egg shape would be reproduced. The project and the brand were named Soso, which means 'lacking salt' or 'short of salt' in Spanish."


    via thedieline

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    If Pacman were on Twitter…



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    Impatient Optimists: Bill and Melinda Gates


    This doesn’t really need an introduction. it starts with some good humour in the intro from BillG and then quickly on to extremely important, moving content from Bill and his wife, Melinda. It’s an hour of education on the impact of vaccines, the eradication of Polio and the power of smart investment.

    Inspirational stuff and visually such a departure from Bill’s Microsoft presentations. There are also some great infographics accompanying The Living Proof Project


    Baladi bread infographic

    Boosting Nutrition, One Bite at a Time
    Food fortification plays an important role in improving nutrition for at-risk populations. Learn about what foods are popular in implementing this strategy.

    Polio infographic

    Progress Against Polio
    The global fight against polio represents one of the greatest achievements in global health in recent decades. See the progress toward global eradication.

    Materal, Child, & Newborn Health infographic

    Benefits of Breastfeeding
    Breastfeeding provides substantial health, nutrition, and emotional benefits to mother and child alike. Learn more about the important role of breastfeeding

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    30 Days to Better Business Writing



    The excellent Matthew Stibbe has published an excellent FREE eBook titled 30 Days to Better Business Writing. A number of years back I attended a course by Matthew on business writing and it was great – very practical and easy to consume stuff – his eBook is much the same.

    You can read it online or download a PDF from his blog.

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