January, 2010

  • Steve Clayton

    Waking up to Dubai


    Beautiful stop motion video of sunrise over Dubai


    Bonus: image from National Geographic of a thunderstorm over the Burj al Arab

  • Steve Clayton

    The ABC’s of Branding



    I got my copy of Jason Dean’s 'The ABC's of Branding' today. Looks lovely…will look even better in a frame!

    Can you get all the brands? I mistook L for the wrong brand but other than that, I got ‘em all.

  • Steve Clayton

    Taking on Google in 90 days


    The video doesn’t do the story justice – Mercury News has an interesting post on what it took to get Bing indexing Twitter’s real-time feed. Like any good project, it went down to the wire with the team getting the system finally working just 40 minutes before the live demo at Web 2.0 last year.

    More of the same please Redmond. Agility is good.

  • Steve Clayton

    Cheat sheet: Google, Microsoft, Apple and Yahoo



    Nick Bilton/The New York Times

    A great chart from Nick Bilton in the NY Times today that shows which businesses Google, Microsoft, Apple and Yahoo are in. What surprised me most is that only one row is unticked for Microsoft. We’re in a lot of business, some we do well in, others we have plenty of room for improvement. What’d be really interesting is to give objective scores out of 10 for each dot on the chart and see the totals. Or do a heatmap of where the most fierce battles are being fought.

  • Steve Clayton

    Space Diving with Silverlight


    You may have heard about the forthcoming “space jump” by Felix Baumgartner – the Red Bull Stratos project. Felix will undertake a stratospheric balloon flight to 120,000 feet and then attempt a record-breaking freefall jump that is expected to reach – for the first time in history – supersonic speeds. Intrigued?

    You’ll be able to watch the whole thing live in HD thanks to Silverlight and IIS Smooth Streaming.

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