January, 2010

  • Steve Clayton

    SharePoint 2010 SocialFest


    SharePoint really has come a long way over the last few years and with the 2010 version it’s a fully fledged development platform. The first  SharePoint 2010 SocialFest is being held at our Silicon Valley Campus this week with Confer, Liaise, Leverage Software, Loqu8, Huddle.net, Calinda Software, and Cortex Intelligence building applications on top of the SharePoint 2010 platform in a one week competition. They’ll be ably supported by a top class roster of VC’s and Microsoft staff (below) so I’m looking forward to seeing what pops out of the other end of this effort.

    Good luck to everyone and hats off to the Microsoft Startup Zone for driving. Now, lets see this in a few other places around the world please

  • Steve Clayton

    NUI Take 2



    Following my post on NUI yesterday, Geek and Poke gives us an alternative to Tom Cruise

  • Steve Clayton

    Winter cycling music via Rapha


    Rapha’s winter riding list is on last.fm but I also just posted on Spotify. Enjoy a top list from the top cycling store. Period.


    1. The Drums – Let's Go Surfing
    2. Jimmy Cliff – You Can Get It If You Really Want
    3. America – A Horse With No Name
    4. The Who – Can't Explain
    5. Richard Wagner – Ride of the Valkyries
    6. Cult Hero – I'm A Cult Hero
    7. Marcia Griffiths – Feel Like Jumping
    8. E.S.G. – Tiny Sticks
    9. Talking Heads – Girlfriend Is Better
    10. Glenn Miller – In The Mood
    11. The Rolling Stones – Street Fighting Man
    12. Janet Jackson – Got 'Til It's Gone
    13. The Byrds – Eight Miles High
    14. Cyndi Lauper – Time After Time
    15. Mr. Fingers – Can You Feel It
    16. Sly & The Family Stone – Everyday People
    17. Portishead – The Rip
    18. The Stooges – Search And Destroy
    19. Boston – More Than A Feeling
    20. Ian Dury & the Blockheads - Wake Up And Make Love With Me

  • Steve Clayton

    Cruise does NUI



    Thanks to Marc for reminding me of the reprise of old roles in the 20th Birthday edition of Empire – I liked the Matt Damon ones of Jason Bourne but this one is a great reminder of Minority Report which we’re not seeing regularly referred to when people talk about NUI - Natural User Interfaces.

    if you’re interested in NUI, I wrote a long post about this back in November.

  • Steve Clayton

    Coffee makes you dance around like a goat!


    (click image to go to the original)

    Hence why I’m cutting down my intake these days Smile I am actually cutting down a lot on my afternoon & evening caffeine and woe does it make a difference to the quality of sleep I get. I know that’s obvious but I’m just a bit slow on this stuff

    via theoatmeal.com

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