April, 2010

  • Steve Clayton

    Office and email on Windows Phone 7


    I finally got some hands on time with a Windows Phone 7 last week and I was very very impressed. I’d set my expectations low given my long history with our mobile efforts and a number of disappointments over the last few years and to be honest I was blown away. The UI was smooth, elegant, consistent and just damn nice. The video above shows the Office user experience on WP7 and I love little details like the graphic equaliser when recording a voice note.

    The second video below shows you the email experience and it’s vastly improved. The attention to detail impresses me with things like the iconography and the rotation of icons as the screen rotates. Elegant….never thought I’d say that word about Windows Phone but there you have it.

    hat tip to Nick Eaton for the videos

  • Steve Clayton

    John Lewis ad


    I’ve not seen much UK TV for the last month so when two people within an hour mentioned this advert to me this morning, I thought I’d better go check it out. Very nicely done and great selection of music.

    thanks Jan!

  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft tops social media use



    Note: I’m catching up on some posts that have been languishing in my drafts over the last week.

    Evidently all the social engagement at Microsoft has us top of a social media use survey by NetProspex. Is it a good thing or bad thing? I would say the former of course…Reuters has more info on the report and the link came to me from my buddy Hugh MacLeod. What I always find interesting is to see the lack of social engagement by Apple in particular. I’m not saying it’s a good or bad thing but they must now be one of the only big companies not officially engaged in the social media spectrum (Steve Jobs replying to random emails doesn’t count). You could argue that they don’t need the publicity of course and right now, the approach is serving them well. Will it continue to do so? Will Microsoft’s deep social media engagement serve it well? Time will tell.

  • Steve Clayton

    Office 2010 Reaches RTM



    Office 2010 Reaches RTM! was the headline from the Office team blog and during an extended stay in Redmond last week I took the chance to suck the bits down our high speed pipes and load them on to my laptop. Nice work folks…Outlook 2010 feels snappy to me.

    For the non geeks, RTM = Release To Manufacture which essentially means the product is done. The M of manufacture is becoming a curiosity of history though as the bits are likely to reach many people electronically or preinstalled on a PC. Hang on to your Office packaging if you get it…who knows, it may be the last of a kind.

  • Steve Clayton

    Twitter On Paper


    Yet another Twitter Infographic via Pulse2.com

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