April, 2010

  • Steve Clayton

    Must eat more Kit Kats


    Damn, those bananas have been my undoing all along. Switching to Kit Kat’s as of next week

  • Steve Clayton

    Rebooting the airspace


    I spent much of last week monitoring FlightRadar24.com and the video above shows an accelerated version of what I saw. Thankfully, it all came together. 

  • Steve Clayton

    Redesigning Travel…lets start with the boarding pass


    L1030144 (2)


    What you see above is the travel detritus it took me to make my journey from Seattle to London last week. Some of it is actually useful (like my passport) but some of it is superfluous and over engineered – the boarding passes in particular. It seems Tyler Thompson thought that same thing but he’s creative enough to do something about it so whipped out his Moleskine and got to work. What you see below is how boarding passes could (should!!) look. Some great visual improvements as he tweaked the design and over on his blog, the work continues with many other submissions.

    Will the airlines takes notice? I doubt it (Virgin may do as they’re savvy enough and have my pals at EMC Conchango on their side) but most others will be worrying too much about how much they lost last week.





    The final one with Delta branding contains a cool map with glance-able details of your route.

    I also like one of the reader suggestions to make the boarding pass a regular business card size. You could argue the odd size they are today make them stand out a bit but I would love a business card sized one just to slip in to my wallet where I know it’d be safe.

  • Steve Clayton




    another beauty from Hugh.

    Don’t waste your talent. Mediocrity sucks.

  • Steve Clayton

    That volcano



    Mother nature really is an awesome force and we saw that over the last 6 days with the Eyjafjallajokul volcano. It almost stopped me making it home for a rather important event this weekend. Read the blog for more on that…fro now, enjoy some amazing images from Boston.com’s Big Picture

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