April, 2010

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    The moment I emerged from the St Pancras terminal last night….thanks for all the well wishes last night when I announced I’d made it back from Seattle. More have been rolling in this morning via email and Twitter…very much appreciated.

    I’m not sat in my garden slowly watching the airline traffic build up overhead. I never thought I’d be happy to see so many planes :) (I live about 5 miles from LHR)

  • Steve Clayton

    The finish line…almost


    IMAG0198 IMAG0196 IMAG0193

    About 10 minutes ago, Eurostar train 9051 popped out of the tin can under the English Channel and I arrived back on English soil. I’m actually more emotional about it than I expected to be.

    I knew yesterday that I was going to make it but didn’t want to count my chickens so to speak. A journey that started in Seattle on Saturday seemed high risk back then and now I have arrived back in plenty of time. One thing is for sure though – it wouldn’t have happened without the help of some friends in Mexico City, Madrid, Paris and London…and it was made a hell of a lot more fun with the support from my friends on the web willing us along. I say “us” as I wouldn’t have risked this alone. I probably wouldn’t have risked it full stop but my pal Neil had visualised the end line and took me with him. He is an awesome travel partner and the photographer behind the photos of the last few days. He is, in short, a legend.

    So….I say almost the finish line as there is one piece of the jigsaw to fall in to place for the wedding to go ahead. My mother has been stranded in Kuala Lumpur for 5 days so whilst travelling, I’ve also been working to find a route home for her and my aunt who have been on holiday in Australia. Somehow I managed to get them on a Malaysian Airlines flight in to Paris that leaves on Thursday and lands on Friday….and I can’t fathom how I managed to get them both tickets on Eurostar that would put them in London on Friday PM with time to get to Liverpool for the Saturday afternoon wedding. Without my Mum there the wedding will be postponed…despite the family protestations.

    It’s time to pray the MH20 takes off from Kuala Lumpur on April 22nd….my Mum’s birthday as it happens.

    I just need one more dose of luck from the travel gods. Pray.

  • Steve Clayton

    Windows Intune – Microsoft’s latest cloud service



    The latest Microsoft cloud service broke cover today as Windows Intune went in to beta. In short, Intune provides cloud based PC management including anti-virus, patch updating and more.

    The admin console is shown below and it’ll be a familiar experience for anyone who has seen Microsoft Online (or BPOS). The Top 10 list gives you the highlights of the capabilities of Intune. If you want in, you’d better be quick though as there is a limited beta for up to 1,000 customers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

    Windows Intune screenshot

  • Steve Clayton

    The next stage of my epic journey


    IMAG0177 IMAG0176 IMAG0174

    After some shenanigans in Mexico City that are worthy of an entire blog post of their own, I landed in Madrid today. Photos above are from the stunning Barajas airport by Calatrava Richard Rogers & Estudio Lamela. The middle one is of Neil, my comrade on this epic adventure.

    Upon landing at Madrid, our colleagues in the Microsoft office there had done us proud by getting us on to an Iberia flight to San Sebastian. In return we provided the with a Windows 7 Phone that I had been asked to courier to Spain. Little did I know when I was handed the phone on Saturday afternoon that it would become the ultimate currency as I ended up in the precise city is needed to be :)

    I got to San Sebastian in good time, clearing ~500 miles of road that some other colleagues from our Paris office were about to venture on and then it was to the road in a car. Next stop Paris!

    I’m posting geotagged entries to Twitter for those wanting to track the adventure. Next stop Paris and then to traverse the English Channel. I hear the airspace is starting to reopen slowly which is fantastic news for all my friends still stranded in the US. For me, this has been a crazy and amazing journey that has been made even more fun because of all the well wihses via email and Twitter. Keep ‘em coming!


  • Steve Clayton

    The new busy



    Seattle airport (SeaTAC) is awash with Hotmail ads…this was in the security tray as I passed through this afternoon and big billboards around the airport. Next stop Dallas – wonder if they’ll have them there.

    I have a longer post coming up on Hotmail very soon…my flight should afford some disconnected time to nail a few long posts I have in my drafts.

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