April, 2010

  • Steve Clayton

    Tweetie becomes Twitter for iPhone. Where does that leave Blackberry and Windows Phone?



    In an unsurprising move, Twitter has acquired atebits and their excellent client for iPhone (Tweetie) will become Twitter for iPhone. With that renaming, does Twitter close the door to Tweetie continuing on OSX, let alone appearing at some point in the future on & Windows Phone 7? I could understand to some extend Twitter choosing not to invest in desktop OS’es but it’d be a shame to see their official Twitter client restricted only to iPhone. Sure it has the lions share of the Smartphone market and there are other clients on Windows Phone and Blackberry but will having the “official” Twitter client only on iPhone be a good or bad thing?

    Time will tell. Meantime, Dare has a detailed and thoughtful post on the topic

  • Steve Clayton

    Twitter addiction



    Who? Me?

    from Hugh of course

  • Steve Clayton

    FedEx ads



    love these new FedEx ads…more at frederiksamuel.com

  • Steve Clayton

    Nike Air Innovation


    Nope, not a new Nike shoe but a clever and funny ad. I love the squealing Sharapova shoe. What I like about Nike is their innovation doesn’t stop with their products, it flows through everything they do. Their ads, their ability to spot potential endorsement protégés etc. They do “end to end innovation”. Much to be learned from them.

    They also have made some rockin’ footwear over the years.

  • Steve Clayton

    Windows Intune – Microsoft’s latest cloud service



    The latest Microsoft cloud service broke cover today as Windows Intune went in to beta. In short, Intune provides cloud based PC management including anti-virus, patch updating and more.

    The admin console is shown below and it’ll be a familiar experience for anyone who has seen Microsoft Online (or BPOS). The Top 10 list gives you the highlights of the capabilities of Intune. If you want in, you’d better be quick though as there is a limited beta for up to 1,000 customers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

    Windows Intune screenshot

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