June, 2010

  • Steve Clayton

    Hugh on geeks



    One of my favourites from my pal Hugh…and very timely for me as I head to Seattle on Saturday. Hugh’s words that went with this in his daily email connected well for me.


    Having spent so many years either in or around geek culture, I am often surprised when I meet people who dread the future. While geeks see the future as full of neat-o stuff like cooler phones, more powerful computers and semi-affordable space travel, a lot of other people just see rising gas prices, political uncertainty and jobs being moved over to China.

    Sure, geeks are a funny lot. But at the end of the day, they're optimists. I think you have to be.

  • Steve Clayton

    Rethinking Philanthropy


    I stumbled across this post from CNN simply because I loved the photo above of Warren Buffett and Bill Gates having a laugh in a diner.  After chuckling at the collection I went on to read the post itself. Wow….what a read. It’s long but worth it if you have any interest in philanthropy or who big minds work. It would seem that Bill and Melinda Gates, along with Mr Buffett are aiming to get the super rich to donate somewhere in the region of $600bn to good deeds. CNN estimates the Fortune 400 who are being encouraged currently donate something like $10-$15bn. Quite a hike then.

    Oh and the letter from Bill & Warren to Mr Rockefeller is one for lettersofnote – I love seeing how folks like this converse with each other and it’s a rare insight.

    More on this at http://givingpledge.org/

  • Steve Clayton

    World Cup stadium tweets with Bing


    Courtesy of Bing Maps and Fuse Labs, you can see who is tweeting from the stadiums (or surrounding areas) at the World Cup. Check out www.goalmap2010.com for more info.

  • Steve Clayton

    New Hotmail is here


    Windows Live Hotmail logo


    As reported on the Inside Windows Live blog today, the new Hotmail has started to rollout. Office Web App integration, 10GB attachments…the whole enchilada coming at you today. If it’s not there for you yet, keep checking as the server clusters are getting upgraded now.

  • Steve Clayton

    New XBOX 360


    Pretty sweet looking….glad I just offloaded my original 360 :) Lots more photos over on MajorNelson’s Flickr site and on the Microsoft Blog. In other news, 25m users on XBOX Live…that’s quite a cloud service. Oh and Kinect will launch on November 4th. Worldwide.

    Check out the full event with game footage, Cirque Du Soleil and more.

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