June, 2010

  • Steve Clayton

    Star Wars gameplay on XBOX Kinect



    Wanna see what it’s like to be a Jedi using XBOX Kinect? Check out this video courtesy of Wired. To quote them


    Oh man! It turns out that Star Wars Kid was doing nothing less than predicting the future. The awesome future. Microsoft has demonstrated its Project Natal, which has been renamed Kinect and transformed into a motion-controller for the Xbox 360.

    I need this. Now!

  • Steve Clayton

    Note to my family: you’re all getting Kinect



    Natal is no more – welcome to Kinect. The official name was announced last night along with game demos such as Star Wars (you’re the Jedi) to yoga, rafting and even a baby pet tiger simulator. The dashboard interface is said to be very Minority Report like (I haven’t played with it yet) and of course you get to wave your hand to navigate through Twitter, Facebook and Netflix which have been on XBOX for a while. Rock on.

    What I’m very excited about is the  video chat that Engadget mentions. With my impending move to the US, my family are now all guaranteed a Kinect unit at launch as it allows up to 4 people to chat and share photos. How much is that going to cost me and when do we get them? Stay tuned…more Kinect news coming this evening.

  • Steve Clayton

    The World Cup on Twitter



    The boys and girls over at Twitter HQ have done a lovely job with this Twitter app to follow the World Cup.

    From their blog

    Using live widgets, real-time search, and Top Tweets (updates that are currently catching the attention of many Twitter users) we've put together a special site to capture the spirit of the World Cup and it's already pulsing with activity

    Well worth a look!

  • Steve Clayton

    Beyond Natal


    It promises to be an interesting week for Microsoft as we announce further details of Natal tomorrow at the E3 conference. There is already some chatter and coverage over on Techmeme and in reading it I came across the video above from Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher’s D8 conference. It’s worth a watch to see some of the “under the hood” technology behind Natal as my friend Molly demos. You get to see what Natal “sees” and how this can be interpreted by a developer to build a killer game.

    What also interested me about the video was the introduction by Walt – he asked the audience to think beyond games as to where this technology could be used. He makes a great point – this is just the beginning of where we can see this type of interface creating more natural ways to work with technology. Walt says “it shows you the future of where the control of all your digital devices is gonna be”.

    To hear more about Natal and what that future may look like, tune in live on Xbox.com at 6.30 p.m. (GMT) tomorrow, 14 June and as always, keep tabs on @majornelson who will be tweeting the event.

  • Steve Clayton

    The history of the Internet



    My career started on the back of the Internet (well, the web really) so I love this video – not least the commentary which is very old skool British. Top quality and beautiful animation.

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