June, 2010

  • Steve Clayton

    Your ears are always on



    I had the pleasure of seeing Julian talk at Thinking Digital last week and it was one of *those* talks. You know, the ones where you think “what on earth is this going to be about….shall I take a coffee break?”….I’m SO glad I didn’t as Julian is a great speaker and delivered one of the best talks of the conference. I loved his quote “Your ears are always on”…I’d never thought of it like that but he’s right and when you stop and listen (of course), it’s amazing how our mood, buying patterns and productivity are affected by sound.

    This is well worth ~6 minutes of your time – you’ll learn a tonne!

  • Steve Clayton

    This is not wearable computing


    Something geeky to start the week with - USB Flash Drive Cufflinks will set you back $200 but you get to carry 4gb on your shirt. Not my kinda thing but hey, this blog does have geek in the title…when people talk of wearable computing, this isn’t what I had in mind :)

    More on that in a post later today

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