July, 2010

  • Steve Clayton

    World Cup Pivot for player stats


    A very nice use of the new Pivot control in Silverlight by Steve Ellis. A smart way to sort through a tonne of data – want to find who is the oldest forward in the tournament who has scored the most goals? Boom….dead simple. Lots more like that – give it a go.

    Is this how we’ll search through data in the future? Yeah, maybe….it’s certainly a great way to visualize and sort information allowing you to go from many to few to many again compared to the typical one after another way you search for or find info on the web.


  • Steve Clayton

    World Cup infogrpahic


    As infogrpahics go, this is the best I have seen on the World Cup. $7.36 lost in the UK economy…was that due to people taking time off with depression or to watch the other teams progress on through the tournament? :)

  • Steve Clayton

    Bing does Le Tour de France



    The Bing team are on a roll of late and their latest Map App comes hot on the heels of their World Cup work. Of course the football is so passé now given England and the USA are out so I’m happy to turn my attention to The Tour.

    You can preview each stage, check the progress of teams and get a decent idea of how tough some (all) of the stages are. Flick it in to Birds Eye view and you’re in for a real treat.


    via Chris from the Bing Community blog.


  • Steve Clayton

    Geeks in Seattle



    Well I am a geek so….

    another set of stuff to tick off my list now I’m out here in Seattle. I’ve done a few of them already – the Microsoft Visitor Centre in building 92 was where I spent my first day of the new job here in Redmond. Not that I started by shopping and checking out history, just that we do our new employee orientation there. I’ve also done Microsoft’s Memory Lane many many times and was down in Madison Park earlier this week but missed the Starbucks there. Those following me on Twitter will know I’m on the hunt for the best burger in the area and have been informed that Burgermaster is worth a look – not least as I may bump in to Bill there.

    Thanks to Techflash for a great site - http://www.seattletechtour.com/

    Anything else I should be checking out? I mean I have all day sunday free :)

  • Steve Clayton

    That’s it, I’m buying an iPad


    I gotta get me one of there iNotepad’s to take to meetings around here in Redmond. Just gotta be careful not to hold it on the bottom left of the page I guess.

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