August, 2010

  • Steve Clayton

    Bing Treasure Maps



    I’m probably way late to the game with this one but who else knew about Bing Treasure Maps? They make a nice change from all those direction maps you now get with Google Maps :)

    You give Bing the location you want a map created from, jiggle a few settings and it creates you a map just like the one above.

    All built on Windows Azure too!

  • Steve Clayton

    Designing rodents at Microsoft


    Don’t worry, we’ve not got in to the genetic engineering business (yet)…I’m talking about design of computer mice and specifically the Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 Studio Series line (gulp, quite a mouthful that). I got to spend some time in our model shop recently where the initial designs for hardware are crafted by hand. I’ll have a follow-up story on that soon but in the meantime, this funky little video with Lindsey and Kate shows some of the design culture here at Microsoft. I’ve been amazed at the design culture here from hardware and software and also some of the places these folks work are the coolest spots in the company. Similarly, more to come on that soon via a brand new website.

    via Microsoft Hardware Blog

  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft Research talent



    Technology Review just published their annual list of young innovators – all under 35’s who are changing the world. It was pleasing to see 5 Softies in there too, all from Microsoft Research, doing things like the armband interface shown above by T.Scott Saponas.



    our MSR site has a brief interview with each of them , talking about their proudest moment and why they work at Microsoft. That last question is something I’ve been asking a lot of folks recently – big brains like Gary Flake and Blaise Aguera Y Arcas. The answers I most often get are the ability to have impact on a global scale and the world class people they get to rub shoulders and work with.

  • Steve Clayton

    Connecting the dots at Microsoft


    One thing we know we can do a better job of here at Microsoft is connect the dots a bit better between our products. This new Bing advert does a decent job of that, showing some of the Bing services beyond such – such as Farecast – the services on mobile and Photosynth.  There is plenty more that could be shown but for a 30 second ad, it does a reasonable job. My job is to connect more dots…thankfully I have more than 30 seconds to play with Smile

  • Steve Clayton

    Prototyping NUI on paper



    Another good spot by Long who noticed a video of August de los Reyes  posted on Facebook by our Tech.Ed Australia team. August shows some prototyping of natural user interfaces using paper and stop motion animation.

    One of the things I have found in the last 8 weeks of being here in Redmond is a much richer design culture than I thought existed at Microsoft beforehand. A lot of this emanates from the entertainment and devices division but the discipline of design runs deep and wide. I’ll be highlighting some of the work of our designers and the designers themselves over the coming weeks so stay tuned.

    In the meantime, check out Microsoft Design on Facebook.

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