August, 2010

  • Steve Clayton

    Windows Live Messenger + Facebook chat = 800m social


    New Facebook chat integration


    Chris Jones just did a post on the Inside Windows Live blog about todays beta refresh of Windows Live Essentials. The big news is Messenger now supports Facebook chat. You still get the Facebook social integration you may have seen in the previous beta but now you can directly chat with Facebook friends inside of Messenger. Rock on…that’s Facebook’s 500m connected to the 300m in Messenger.

    Connect to Facebook and Windows Live

    There is a tonne of other stuff in there refresh which rather than dwell on here, I’ll point you to Chris’s post. A few biggies

    • faster sign in to Messenger
    • Improved facial recognition in Photo Gallery
    • Better handling of Gmail downloading now

  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft’s Live Labs launches


    The Live Labs team launched earlier today with the aim of making is simple to make and share deep zoom images. You can upload any image, webpage, pdf, etc and get back a fully embeddable, short url’d viewer with deep zoom functionality. Oh and they added a boomarklet so you can apply the effect to anything you’re browsing. For example, here is my site with the effect applied and below is Engadget with the effect applied.


    You may have seen this stuff before as Seadragon (aka deep zoom) has been around for a while now but it’s cool to see these guys continue to make the tech accessible to anyone who wants to use it.

    Now, what sites really benefit from having this tech applied to them?


  • Steve Clayton

    A shocking presentation on social media


    A shockingly good presentation that is…

  • Steve Clayton

    Facebook Places using Bing Maps


    [image courtesy of Chris Pendleton]

    Big news on the web today (well, on Techmeme) is Facebook adding location to their service in the form of Facebook Places.


    Starting today, you can immediately tell people about that favorite spot with Facebook Places. You can share where you are and the friends you're with in real time from your mobile device.

    You can do this from the most recent version of the Facebook iPhone app or – you just check in from either and your status appears in friends feeds. As interesting for me was to hear that Facebook is using Bing Maps to pinpoint locations on

    Nice…though right now it doesn’t seem to be showing up for me which I think it down to it being US only. I know, I’m in the US but I think one of my settings somewhere in Facebook still has me in the UK. Hmmm

  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft Adaptive Keyboard prototype


    I just noticed this Adaptive Keyboard prototype on our MS Hardware blog – it has a touch panel above the traditional keyboard that opens some interesting options. The first scenario shows recent document and applications whilst within an application like PowerPoint. At around 4 minutes, we get a demo of dynamic changing of keytops based on the current application. At around 5:30, we see an example of Outlook using the keyboard to show contacts as photos using the screen on the keyboard. Sweet!


    The video stresses the fact this this is a PROTOTYPE part of the Student Innovation Contest at the ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology…but me, I want one right now.

    What do I like most about it (apart from the cool factor?)…context sensitive. It knows what apps I’m using and adapts to them rather than forcing me to adapt.

    see the ACM website for more info and details.

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