September, 2010

  • Steve Clayton

    Windows Live Spaces heads to Wordpress


    Windows Live and

    A few friends have been asking me for a long while what the future of Windows Live Spaces is. I’ve sat on the answer for a while and today it was announced on the Inside Windows Live blog – we’re partnering with Wordpress.

    Dharmesh Mehta has all the details

  • Steve Clayton

    Pin Windows blog and Bing in IE9



    You’d expect the Windows blog to be tight with their comrades in IE9 and sure enough they are. Brandon did some work to make the Windows blog pinnable to your taskbar and the results can be seen above. Tres bien…you can do the same for your blog with the developer resources for IE9.

    Hot on their heels are the Bing team who have made pinnable


  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft’s vision of the future



    Courtesy of this last months EDGE magazine from the UK. I couldn’t resist grabbing a copy from Barnes and Noble in Bellevue. It’s a pretty in depth review with interviews of Microsoft folks, game developers and others. I wont spoilt it for you as there is a lot to read in there – in closing they say Kinect has the potential to be extraordinary. Having played it a lot recently, I’d have to agree.

  • Steve Clayton

    Supermodel thin Dell Vostro


    Productivity-Empowering Essentials; Vostro V13 Laptop

    A pal asked me for a laptop recommendation this evening and I have to confess I haven’t been keeping up since with the hardware land since I arrived here in the US. No bother though, a quick check over on the Windows Team blog brought me right up to speed with Ben’s post on back to school (and work).

    The Dell Vostro v13 was the one that caught my eye with it’s Adamo inspired looks and netbook inspired price. It’s not netbook spec though sporting an Intel Celeron M, 2gb RAM, Intel graphics and 250gb SATA drive. Starting at $399 that’s a pretty killer price/spec combo. Oh and it looks the mutts nuts.

  • Steve Clayton

    Augmented Reality Book


    I stumbled across this Mark Lukas video and realised I’ve seen the technology that can make this happen. I love the idea of augmented reality books and in a week or two, I’ll share another video here that shows the technology that could make this reality. I’ve seen it in Microsoft’s labs….

    stay tuned!

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