September, 2010

  • Steve Clayton

    Seesmic for Windows Phone 7


    Oh yeah…I need this. Like, now!

    Aside from the fact the software looks terrific, the video is pretty cool too. No jarring crazy music or voice over. Love it.

  • Steve Clayton

    Mercedes service augmentation



    Some day all cars will operate this way – maybe. Mercedes-Benz just announced a new app that connects its in-car navigation systems with its customers’ iPhones and though it’s no use to me as I don’t have a Merc and currently sport a Windows Phone 7, it does point to trend of devices & location augmenting our world.

    The app lets drivers unlock their vehicles but more interestingly helps you find your motor and adds location based services such as restaurants, entertainment and traffic updates. You can plot a route and then send it to your car navigation system.

    Though many of these services have been available independently for some times with services like Tom Tom, UrbanSpoon etc, the interesting part here is how they’re being brought together in to an integrated application by a car manufacturer.

    via PR Newswire

  • Steve Clayton

    The ship of Windows Phone 7


    Well I didn’t personally ship Windows Phone but some of my friends did…congrats to ‘em. I found this image over on the Facebook page of my pal Charlie Kindel.

  • Steve Clayton

    Fingers that measure



    I’m not so sure about this concept called Smart Fingers. Wouldn’t it be just as fast to use a tape measure? Okay, I can see some uses and the fact that the data is transferred to your PC automatically is groovy but what happens if you’re measuring 15 different things? How does your PC differentiate between them?

    Sometimes we slip in to technology for the sake of it and I wonder if this is a case in point? Am I wrong?

    via Yankodesign

  • Steve Clayton

    The credit card of the future


    Sometimes the most obvious things become the most elegant things. Card 2.0 was shown at DEMO by Dynamics Inc. and it could be the solution to the burgeoning number of cards in your wallet/purse. It allows you to have multiple cards on one card and to mitigate against the increased risk of losing those multiple cards in one fell swoop, the numbers can be obscured until I pin is entered on the card itself.

    Dynamics Inc. won the coveted $1m People’s Choice Award at DEMO Fall 2010 this week.

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